Rushing to find a missing Malaysian woman on the Thai border

Chiang Mai, June 5 – A mother pleads to help find her daughter "Angie", a mysterious missing Malaysian woman. Fear of being demanded ransom by China Tao The last location of clues in Chiang Mai

Facebook Drama-addict shares the story of a family of foreign tourists. announcement for help because the daughter traveled to Thailand and disappeared The woman, named Angie Chong Sam Yee, from Malaysia, traveled to Chiang Mai before being unable to contact him again. making the family very upset by the family trying to type in Thai It is expected to use a translation app with the message that “Now there is no news about my daughter for more than 24 hours. Please everyone help share as much as possible. Please help us follow her. I want her to return safely. The last place I met Angie was in Chiang Mai.” also published the news of Angie's disappearance

Recently, Angie's mother posted, “There is someone who is expected to have malicious intentions. fake mom facebook Share the news that this case is over. As if intended to make people think that Angie has been found. In fact, the family has not been able to contact Angie in any way.”

Colonel Khemchat Watthanaphakasem, Chiang Rai Immigration Superintendent, revealed that he had received reports of such incidents. Had to cross to Myanmar, found that Angie had traveled to Mae Sai District with a taxi to be delivered to the border. then crossed the border through natural channels into Tachileik Province Myanmar Initially, the Chiang Rai Immigration Police coordinated with the Thai and Myanmar TBC. in order to speed up the help and follow up From such information, it has been analyzed that Angie traveled from Dannok, Sadao District, Songkhla Province, and a Thai person drove her to the north, destination Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province, so she was afraid that Angie would be carried by the gray Chinese group or not. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency