Saha Group fears the impact of wage increases of 450 baht

Bangkok, June 1 – Executives of the Saha Group Fear of raising wages to 450 baht affecting companies in the group but also confident that they can adapt I want to see the economy minister in the new government able to work and do it immediately. Don't be afraid even though you are young.

Mr. Thammarat Chokwatana, President and Executive Chairman of I.C.C. International Public Company Limited, spoke about the policy of raising the minimum wage to 450 baht per day that Saha Group is a large company with many employees in the group. Up to 100,000 people. If the minimum wage is raised to 450 baht, it will definitely affect the companies in the Saha Group. but still do not know how much it will affect because the new government has not come to manage the country But in the past, the company has continuously adapted to compete. The company is expected to be able to adapt for sure.

As for the Minister of Economy who will take over important ministries, Mr. Thammarat stated that whether he is young or old is not as important as whether he comes to manage the Ministry of Economy and can work or not. Therefore, I would like a minister who has come in and can work as a worker to work more immediately.

For the establishment of a government that will take a long time to transition. There is an opinion that spending more or less time is not a problem. but let it be a government with solid foundations The economic system will continue to move forward. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency