Seller calls for responsible person The ball fell into the oil pan and severely burned his face.

Rayong, June 5 – French fries sellers demand justice. After the soccer ball fell into the pan Spilled oil, burned face, serious condition, demanded that the organizers of the football match be responsible for healing

Ms. Suchada, 37 years old, came to Muang Rayong police station. In the state of the face wrapped with a bandage. to keep a diary as evidence Find the person responsible and ask for justice. The injured person said that the incident happened in the evening of June 3, she went to the table to sell French fries. on the football field Wat Nam Khok Mai, Nam Khok Subdistrict, Mueang District, Rayong Province Suddenly, a soccer ball on the field flew into a pan with boiling oil. Splashed into the face and body, causing serious injuries.

Doctors said his face and right arm were injured. The eyes have to wait for a thorough examination again. Now she is also 3 months pregnant and wants the organizers of the football tournament to take responsibility for healing. But it turned out to be rejected. Claiming that she did not allow her to sell things in the first place

while the victim's mother Pray for humanity If not allowed to sell should have been banned in the first place. It's not an incident that has come to deny responsibility.

Initially, the police will call the organizers of the football tournament to interrogate. Reporters reported that This football program is held to raise money for the construction of a sermon pavilion. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency