Senators cannot maintain their vote for Prime Minister

"Wissanu" identifies a senator who completes his term on May 11, 2024, but is still acting Specify if it will drag on and wait for that day The country cannot survive, pointing out that the court has dropped the Royal Decree postponing the use of the disappearance law If still the government must be responsible. but dissolved the parliament end of responsibility

Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister Mentioning the case of senators (senators) voting to elect the prime minister, that on May 11, 2024, senators will lose their power to choose the prime minister. However, if the Prime Minister's vote drags on until the day that the senator completes his term, the Progressive Party will become the government, it will take 500 votes, but will it extend that length of time? The country will not survive

Mr. Wissanu mentioned the case of the Constitutional Court's dismissal of the draft. Royal Decree amending Prevention and Suppression of Torture and Enforced Disappearance Act (The Disappearance Act) Does the cabinet have to be responsible for anything or not if the council and the government are still there? The government must show responsibility by resigning or dissolving the parliament, which in the past 3 months before the court decides The police have prepared various equipment, especially in Bangkok, although it is not 100% and today it was presented to the Cabinet meeting. Appointment of the committee according to Act on the disappearance of another 6-7 people

“But now that the parliament has been dissolved, the government is over. And the constitution requires that the government stay and act, it must stay. Each minister may resign. But the Cabinet cannot escape. Otherwise there will be no working minister. because he could not appoint a new minister Therefore, this responsibility ends with the dissolution of the parliament,” Mr Wissanu said.

The part with remarks for the acting minister to resign In order for the permanent secretary of various ministries to act on his behalf, Mr. Wissanu said that he could not do it. except in one case where the constitution is written which is not this story.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency