SET-AIMC organizes Fund Wealth Fair 2023

SET joins hands with AIMC to organize the mutual fund expo Fund Wealth Fair 2023. Analysts keep an eye on whether government policy will make Thai stocks escape the sideway period or not.

Atmosphere at the "Mutual Fund Expo" Fund Wealth Fair 2023. Plan your life and win millions. With mutual funds in the project "Make money work...through mutual funds" by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and the Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC) on the 7th floor of the Stock Exchange building. There were lively people interested in attending the event, including working people, students, and retirees. There were intensive seminars and workshops at the event. In-depth look at mutual funds with real gurus Along with suggestions for arranging your portfolio to suit your age and situation. Revealing the list of front-end funds, which themes are prominent, which funds are good, both Thai and international funds. And start investing in mutual funds at this event with 21 leading asset management companies. You will also receive special promotions at the event! When investing in mutual funds for work and savings projects number 5, just start the discipline of regular savings through investing in Dollar Cost Average (DCA) mutual funds by opening a mutual fund account. Start investing and accumulate until reaching 5,

For the seminar on the topic “Catch economic signals Looking at the direction of the fund...starting or waiting” by Poj Harinsut, Chief Executive Officer of Wan Asset Management Co., Ltd., Darabus Phapapot, Managing Director of East Spring Asset Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Saharat Chatsuwan, Deputy Director. Managers of TISCO Asset Management agree that in the current situation, investment risk should be diversified. Because the world economy still has a chance of recession. The Chinese economy that the government is trying to stimulate While the Thai economy is recovering In addition, I also saw that Interest rates are nearing their peak. And also need to keep an eye on inflation including various factors Whether it's global warming Commodity prices and the Russo-Ukrainian War If this continues, it may result in the Fed not stopping raising interest rates. Put pressure on the investment atmosphere

However, stocks in the technology and AI groups are still interesting groups. Including foreign debt instruments and mutual funds, considering that investing gradually And invest regularly on a monthly basis. Dollar Cost Average (DCA) would be an appropriate choice in this situation.

“When there is an election There's a new government coming. We expect the stability of the government. will make the Thai economy grow In addition to exporting and public investment It is hoped that private investment will become a driver of the Thai economy. We have to wait and see whether government policies will make the Thai stock market pass the sideway period or not,” Mr. Saharat said.

Source: Thai News Agency