Street Art Becomes Tourist Attraction in the Deep South


Street art has been linked with many tourist destinations in Thailand by presenting the local cultural way of life and community history through the pictures of people and various activities. Over the past few years, street art paintings in the southern border provinces have become popular among local residents and also attracted tourist arrivals.

For instance, the “Yala Bird Street Art” attraction was launched in Mueang district, Yala province, in 2017. Today, street art paintings in Yala are found in 14 spots, where visitors may walk along Nuan Sakun Road to view them all together. Recognized as “Bird City,” Yala organizes the ASEAN Barred Ground Dove Festival as its main cultural event each year to boost tourism and promote social harmonization among the people of different faiths who share a mutual interest in dove raising.

In Su-ngai Kolok district, Narathiwat province, the “Color of Kolok” was opened in December 2018, with graffiti on the walls of a public park in front of the Su-ngai Kolok border checkpoint. Both Thai and foreign artists have created street art paintings here. The art works have become a check-in point and a colorful attraction for visitors to Su-ngai Kolok.

The street art in Pattani is found along Anohru Road near the Limkoneaw Goddess Shrine in Mueang district. Anohru Road is the location of an old Chinese community in Pattani. Street art paintings here feature, for example, dragon designs, the Pattani way of life with the sea, Kolae boats, and local beaches.

Betong in Yala is another major venue for street art, which began in 2017, when Betong celebrated its 111th anniversary. In January 2021, more than 30 graffiti artists across Thailand joined hands in creating street art paintings featuring the many facets of local culture in 30 spots, which have become a new landmark and check-in point of Betong. The graffiti was shared on social media, which has also helped boost local tourism.

Source: The Government Public Relations Department