Taekwondo is confident that it will have an Olympic medal at the ‘Paris 2024’ Games.


TAAT Huamark, The president of the Taekwondo Association is confident that Thai kickboxers will win medals at the 'Paris Games 2024'. As for 'Nong Tennis', the highest hope, she has a minor injury but believes she will recover in time for the competition. The Taekwondo Association of Thailand has opened a Taekwondo training center within the Sports Authority of Thailand to allow the media to capture the training of three Thai kickboxers competing in the 'Paris 2024' Olympics in France before traveling to England for training. Asst. Prof. Pimol Srivikorn, President of the Taekwondo Association of Thailand, traveled to observe the training and gave an interview to the media saying that the three athletes trained very hard, causing 'Tennis' Panipak Wongpattanakit to have a slight injury to her ankle, but she believes that she will recover in time. On July 21, the Thai Taekwondo team will travel to England for a 10-day training camp to adjust to the weather, time, and food before traveling to France on August 1, where she will travel with them. By now the athletes are feeling stressed and pressured. I told them not to be stressed, not to put too much pressure on themselves, and I wanted them to go out on the field and do their job to the best of their ability as they trained. As for expectations, I still believe that there will be medals. If we look at the world rankings, Panipak is number one in the world in the women's 49 kg category. As for Ballung and Sasikarn, even though this is their first Olympics, their skills are not ordinary. I believe that everyone has a chance to win a medal. Coach Che, Chatchai Che, head coach, revealed that the three athletes had minor injuries, but he believed that they would recover and be 100 percent ready during the competition. He told the athletes not to put pressure on themselves, thinking that they must win an Olympic medal. He wanted them to do their best and enjoy the competition. As for this Olympic Games, it is his 6th time, so he will do his best like every time. He h opes to lead the athletes to win medals and bring joy to Thai sports fans once again. For the Thai Taekwondo team, they won 3 seats for the 'Paris Games 2024' from 'Tennis' Panipak Wongpattanakit in the 49 kg women's division, 'Baitei' Sasikarn Thongchan in the 67 kg women's division, and 'Yu' Banlang Thapthimdaeng in the 68 kg men's division. In the competition program, Panipak will compete first on August 7, followed by Banlang on August 8, and Sasikarn on August 9. Source: Thai News Agency