“Tai Orathai” recounts childhood life From a factory girl fighting her life to a luk thung singer

Because I used to be a working woman before. Every time a job is hired to sing in the factory causing the queen of Luk Thung Dok Ya in Pa Cement "Tai Orathai" to shed tears every time

Discussion opens that I feel nostalgic about my life when I worked as a factory girl. You have to wake up early to go to work and stay overtime whenever you have time. Because I want a lot of money to send back to my house.

As for the path of being a singer, "Tai" said that with a passion for music. and used to participate in some singing contests in high school So my dream is to be a singer and have my own songs and albums. That was the driving force for us to go this way. and even though today he is a famous country singer But still feel that today I still work for hire. Just have a career that has changed from the original.

Source: Thai News Agency