TAT warmly welcomes the first batch of visa-free Chinese tourists at Chiang Mai Airport.


After the Prime Minister Went to welcome the first set of Chinese tourists at Suvarnabhumi Airport this morning. Today this afternoon, the Deputy Governor of TAT went to warmly welcome the first batch of Chinese tourists at Chiang Mai Airport. It is hoped that by the end of the year there will be 4 million Chinese tourists entering Thailand and more than 1 million visiting Chiang Mai.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) organized an activity to welcome tourists from the People's Republic of China at Chiang Mai Airport, which is 1 of 4 event areas nationwide after the Thai government announced an urgent policy. To facilitate traveling in Thailand (Ease of Traveling) with a visa exemption measure for tourism to Chinese and Kazakhstan tourists from 25 Sep. 2023 - 29 Feb. .67 to build confidence that Thailand is a popular destination in the hearts of tourists. Ready to push the number of foreign tourists according to the target of 25-30 million people by 2023.

Executives of TAT Chiang Mai Airport and representatives of the Chiang Mai Tourism Industry Council Warm welcome with cultural performance Ready to impress by giving garlands and cloth bags with elephant pants to the first batch of visa-free tourists from China on two flights: MU 205, China Eastern Airlines, with 162 passengers traveling from Shanghai, and flight MU 2020, airline. China Eastern Airlines, 164 passengers departing from Kunming Arrive at Chiang Mai Airport last afternoon

Mr. Nithi Siprae, Deputy Governor for Digital, Research and Development, TAT, said that from statistics since the beginning of 2023, at present, more than 2.3 million Chinese tourists have arrived in Thailand, with an average cost of 50,000 baht per occupancy rate. 8 days It is expected that this free visa measure will cause more than 4 million Chinese tourists to travel to Thailand, and it is expected that 1 in 4 million people will have to come to Chiang Mai Province. Because Chiang Mai is considered a popular destination for Chinese tourists. After Bangkok and Phuket, TAT will emphasize a positive image and safety of Thai tourism. To stimulate tourism in the last quarter, aiming for a revenue target of 257, 500 million baht and is confident that this measure, in addition to stimulating tourism, will also make Thai people earn more income. Because it is a new style of traveling, the fast trip emphasizes activities and diversifies income. It is not a type of tour that falls into the category of traditional zero-dollar tours. As for concerns about Chinese tourists, will this cause European tourists to disappear or not? See it as a different type of travel. And I believe that Chinese tourists have adjusted better than before and the Chinese authorities have already screened Chinese people before leaving the country through their passports to a certain extent. -Thai news agency

Source: Thai News Agency