The back of a molasses truck overturned. Sugar littered the road, causing long traffic jams.


Saraburi, Truck full of molasses. Run down the level bridge. The last one overturned. Molasses was scattered all over the road, causing traffic jams 3-4 km long. Plows from the Department of Highways were coordinated. Hurry to collect molasses onto the roadside. Muang Saraburi Police Station received a report of a 22-wheel truck with a trailer loaded with molasses. While running down a level bridge To head to Nakhon Ratchasima Province, the baby spins away from the mother. Overturned while descending the bridge causing molasses to spread all over the road Two lanes of traffic were lost, causing vehicles heading to Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern region, to be stuck for 3-4 km. Coordinating with plow trucks from the Department of Highways. To hasten the collection of molasses onto the roadside. As for Mr. Khamtan, 64 years old, the driver revealed that he drove from the southern region to bring molasses to deliver to Wang Muang District, Saraburi Province, where he would have already arrived. While running along the road When he reached the bridge, he ran up the bridge. As he got down the bridge, his body swerved while going down the bridge and overturned. Your own car can be supported. As a result, the molasses was spread all over the road. Luckily the mother didn't fall over. He was therefore not harmed. Source: Thai News Agency