The Kamnan Nok case reflects the problem of corruption among Thai government officials.

The Journalists Association held a discussion on "Police Reform" to raise the hot issue in the "Kamnan Nok" case, reflecting state upon state. The police organization has failed. Buy and sell chairs - receive tribute - seek power along with suggestions to deal with it quickly, fearing it will spark an era of chaos

The Thai Journalists Association organized a seminar on "Police reform": recover from the crisis of faith or plunge into the abyss? Mr. Wicha Mahakun, former member of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), said that the police are an organization with life-and-death power. Because they have power from arresting, detaining, causing people to lose their freedom. or people can gain freedom There is also a patronage system in the organization that has been passed down for a long time. This has led to talk of trading positions, having tributes, or being dominated by outside processes. which is a huge benefit It's not just about money. But there is mutual support in the foster care system.

Meanwhile, the power for procurement is centralized at the Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO), Provincial Administrative Organization (SAO), causing cases related to fraud to be found everywhere. Therefore, it is not a matter of Kamnan Nok. Only extremely rich But the others sat quietly. So it didn't happen. But it is a process of knowing and whispering to each other who is who, in order to help ensure safety in procurement. Therefore, the system of Thailand which is a "state within a state" is both in accordance with the law and and underground systems This system exists in ministries, bureaus, and departments. Why do these cases occur regularly, whether they are boss cases? The case of the director covering the head of the accused or the Kamnan Nok case will be an increasingly strong example No matter how much this world has changed But why are these underground organizations still under the power? So if there is state power on top of state power and it is not eliminated, Ultimately, there will be a cataclysmic time.

As for the reform of the police organization The organization must be reduced to a smaller size. Take the Netherlands for example. The Metropolitan Police and Provincial Police are separated. The Metropolitan Police oversees the capital region. In other provinces, the provincial police are in charge. Because there is more understanding in the area As for the position of Police General, Mr. Wicha said that the police organization is similar to the army. Therefore, the people's police model must be used. It is not a form of power organization that uses military equipment or ranks. As a result, the work of the police that must solve problems for the people has also been taken away.

Mr. Mana Nimitmongkol, secretary-general of the Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand) or ACT, stated that the Kamnan Nok case is a reflection of the corruption problem piling up in the Thai government. This is a case that Thai society must keep an eye on. Therefore, those responsible for solving the problem must rush to take action. What is clearly seen are civil servants, government officials. In particular, some police officers bow down to local merchants and influential people. At the end of this case, all involved groups must be caught and punished according to law. Including taking action against the root causes of corruption such as auction hopping. If you want to reform the police Police must not confiscate property. Must not ask for legal fees from people. People must not be allowed to request evidence from CCTV cameras themselves. or about elephant tickets How to solve these problems, we ask that the new police commander make the people remember him in the same way.

Source: Thai News Agency