The opening ceremony of the 2022 Asian Games emphasizes environmentally friendly activities.

This time the 2022 Asian Games, the hosts are focusing on environmentally friendly activities. Comes with a zero carbon concept. Use digital technology to replace fireworks.

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Asian Games this evening features a zero carbon concept. This time marks the first time that there will be no fireworks at the opening ceremony. Instead, it will use digital technology to reduce carbon emissions.

Another highlight of the opening ceremony that many people watch for is the lighting of the torch pots. This time, no people were used to light the fire like before. But it will be a digital torch lighting. Previously, applications for people to light the torch were opened through the "Alipay" application. It appears that millions of people applied to participate. which after completing the activity These participants can also upload their own images to post on social media.

Another important thing is the athletes' village. This time it was a modern residence building. There are complete amenities including rooms, food, and shuttle service. medical services In the village area there is also plenty of space to relax and do light exercise. Gives a comfortable feeling like home The host held a warm welcome ceremony for athletes and teams of all nationalities. It made a great impression on the nations participating in the competition. Many people even praised it as the best athletes' village they had ever experienced

Source: Thai News Agency