The Prime Minister identified the defense of the country, not the duty of one soldier But it’s everyone’s duty Reveal the Ministry of Defense budget is necessary.

Today (18 February 2019) at 13.20 hrs. At the Command Building Hall 1, Government House, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, said after the cabinet meeting, there were many political parties holding a campaign to cancel the enlistment. And reduce the Ministry of Defense budget Everyone must understand that the duty of national defense is not a single army. But it is the duty of every Thai man in this country that must reward you for the land Military recruitment Or being a soldier Constitutes a duty under the Constitution

The Prime Minister said “This matter, I am not going to excuse anyone. But speak in the principles of government Because we have a duty to protect the country Border protection, territorial waters and airspace, including non-war missions such as drug problems alienate worker Smuggling into the country Including smuggling of goods from foreign countries All have to go through the care of 7 troops, which are guarded along the border of the country for more than 5,000 kilometers. Another important thing that soldiers do is to help develop the country. There are various agencies, including the Supreme Command Headquarters. Development Command Unit All set up to fulfill all duties. At the same time, there is a duty to reinforce the troops for various agencies such as the Ministry of Interior. Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Which has limited personnel The soldiers had to use the existing tools to help. “

The Prime Minister continued that In the military, everyone must understand that The military units have many components, both for the military officers and soldiers, which are considered important forces, such as a small group of guns. There will be a group of 1 commander, one deputy, one remaining soldier. And have the head of the relevant department There must be a force, otherwise it cannot be fought at war. Which every country is like this In most cases, we have adopted the way from the West since ancient times. We need to be prepared. If using force, it must be tactical. Therefore must be prepared to be ready, not the time to go and enlist people And will use weapons as well? Importantly, we do not look at war alone. If it does not happen, it is good. But the impact on the border can happen at all times if we are not strong enough. No suitable weaponry There is no technology to be added to use only one person, so it is difficult for everyone to understand. Because in principle, everyone must be But when we define how much we want We must first select the necessary items. But if the war actually happened, people must add more criteria

The Prime Minister said We have to prepare and prepare to help other agencies. Not that it will be prepared for that like this Or to go against politics, it is not The duty of the military and the Ministry of Defense must comply with the government’s command. In the correct order, must know the rules We have to know what can be done or not.

As for the proposal to reduce the budget of the Ministry of Defense The Prime Minister said that he had to look at how much each budget had. In particular, how does the Department of Defense each budget? And why then have to be added Some of them have to buy new items because the old ones are damaged. We have used them for 20 – 30 years. Some have expired and repaired until we don’t know how to fix them. Must have to supply heavy-duty equipment, we must have, otherwise, not comparable to other countries Having problems with training with foreign countries Including the seashore patrol Or when the region has a problem Let’s think about this. While many ministries have increased their budgets every year according to the proportion, which already has principles, please understand. Not to reduce that person to this person To this person but must consider in the form of a committee

The Prime Minister said The campaign would only be fun to say, not to think of the nation and reality. The next day must also be responsible. If anything happens Must be responsible for all In the matter of disaster assistance What are the floods that only the soldiers will come to work? More than 50 percent of military equipment will be seen to be used to care for all people. Regardless of whether it is a vehicle, not a military use, only a fire truck, a water truck, will give away villagers at all times. If cutting all the statements, these things will disappear. If it happens, what to do?

Source: Royal Thai Government