The Prime Minister presided over the Teacher Day ceremony to commemorate the teacher. Ask the teacher to teach the child to know the technology, grow into a quality adult.


Today (16 Jan 62) at 09.00 hrs. At the Teachers Council Auditorium Secretariat of the Teachers Council of Thailand Ministry of Education, Dusit District, Bangkok, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, presided over the 63rd Teachers ‘Day ceremony, 2562, to commemorate the teacher’s blessing and to promote and honor teachers and teachers’ professional development as well as inheriting cultural traditions. The goodness of the nation by Mr. Thira Kiat Charoen Sethasil Minister of Education, General Surachet Chaiwong, Deputy Minister of Education Teachers Council of Thailand Subcommittee organized Teachers’ Day No. 63, senior executives of the Ministry of Education Professional practitioners, civil servants and citizens attend the ceremony.

For the year 2019, the Secretariat of the Teachers Council of Thailand established the Teachers’ Day 63, 2562, for a period of 2 days between 16 -17 January 2019 on the theme of the theme “Theme for Thai teachers. Create a Thai child, an honest heart “to remember the grace of teachers Honoring teachers and professional development Promote fellowship, cooperation, and understanding between teachers And teachers and the public,

this opportunity, the Prime Minister paid a courtesy call on the senior teacher and gave a souvenir to the senior teacher, General Kasem Napasawat, a former teacher who had taught the Prime Minister during the period of the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy. 6 contributions to national education, as well as 9 outstanding teachers ‘teachers’ awards planners and 4 top teachers with ideals

Then the Prime Minister expressed his pleasure to have the opportunity to preside over the opening of the Teachers’ Day this year. Ready to say that The teacher is the incubator of knowledge. And refined the mind Teacher is therefore an important person in casting human resources of society. Is the second parent of the child Even if the society changes, it is still like that. Teachers must keep pace with technology. Teach children to know the technology of analytical thinking, for example, in the case of using technology in the wrong way so that children can use technology in a way that is useful. There is courage to think and express themselves in the creative way. The important thing is to cultivate discipline, morality, ethics, to benefit the public. Make children grow into quality adults As the slogan, Teachers’ Day is “Teacher Dee Prit Dee, has progressed to technology”

The Prime Minister went on to say that The Prime Minister’s family is a teacher. Therefore has always respected and honored the teacher’s grace Teachers must modernize the teaching media. Reduce study time, increase time to know Reducing tasks and burdens in order to have teachers have time to fully teach, which is the education reform, starting from the teacher. To keep up with the changing era Teaching children to finish their studies and have jobs and have a stable career. The

Prime Minister emphasized that requesting educational personnel to take various actions that will benefit children, society, and equality. Reduce educational disparity Promote vocational education In order for the children to finish having work in parallel to develop education in higher education The pupil will be good because the good teachers have faith in each other.

Finally, on the occasion of Teacher Day, year 63, pay respect to Phra Sri Ratthanathai. All sacred things are magnificent. Of His Majesty King Rama IX, King Rama VII, Her Majesty the Queen As well as various sacred things that we respect Has given blessings to all teachers, teachers and educational personnel to experience happiness, prosperity, and strong health Have strong health Have a heart that is committed to making our country The more beloved, the more he grows. May everyone be happy and prosperous. In both government and private forever

Source: Royal Thai Government