The sedan lost control and crashed into another car before fleeing.


Nonthaburi, Strong through hell! The girl reported The sedan lost control and spun in the middle of the road, crashing into a car twice before fleeing. Police rushed to check CCTV footage. Follow up on the driver and prosecute. The incident occurred at 6:55 p.m. on June 14 at the foot of Phra Nang Klao Bridge on the outbound side. Heading to Bang Yai in the far right traffic lane An unknown brand sedan passed in the middle between the center lane and the far right lane. before the sedan lost control and spun until the front of the car turned in the opposite direction. The sedan then tried to drive in reverse and hit the victim's sedan. before reversing, regaining control and crashing into and pushing the victim's car again. This caused the victim to have to drive in reverse to take cover and drive to a stop at the foot of the bridge approximately 30 meters away with the emergency lights on. As for the offending vehicle, it was parked on the side of the road until at 6:58 p.m. when it made a U-turn in the mi ddle of the road and drove away, heading towards Bang Yai. police officer Bang Si Mueang Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, was notified and coordinated a forklift to bring the victims away from the scene of the incident. Inspection found a bronze Mazda 2 sedan damaged by a crash on the right front side. The front bumper is torn until it falls off. The front grille collapsed. The driver, Ms. Yui (pseudonym), 30 years old, was injured in the left shoulder and chest area. from the seat belt snap As for the other party's car, it is a sedan. The brand and registration number are unknown. After the incident, he drove away. Later, Ms. Yui, the victim, went to report the crime to investigators. Bang Si Mueang Police Station gave information that he would drive home in the Bang Bua Thong area. When reaching the foot of Phra Nang Klao Bridge He was driving in the right lane. In the middle lane there was another car driving. Then the opposing vehicle drove into the middle and picked up speed. causing his car to los e control and spin in the middle of the road until his car turned in the opposite direction Then he drove into his car and crashed into it. before backing up and driving into his car again. He was shocked and afraid so he backed up the car and ran away. Then it turned off to the left and parked on the side of the road. Because he was afraid that he would drive and hit him again. Then I didn't know which way he drove. The first time he crashed, it was like he was pretending to come down and take a look. But instead he drove his car and crashed again. The driver is thought to be a man. During the time he was overtaking, the speed was quite high until the car jerked. Now I feel a slight soreness. It is expected that tomorrow there will be more symptoms. Luckily he was wearing a seat belt. Because the second crash caused his head to shake. Initially, police are in the process of examining CCTV footage. Follow the route that the vehicle that caused the crime fled. To track down the driver and take legal action. S ource: Thai News Agency