The Thai Women’s Dragon Boat Team finished 5th in the 1,000 m distance.


The Thai women's dragon boat team finished 5th, missing out on a medal. Dragon Boat Race, 1,000 meter distance, while the Thai men's team was eliminated in the qualifying round.

Women's 1000m Dragon Boat Grand Final at Wenzhou Dragon Boat Center. This morning, the Thai women's team consisting of Ketkanok Chomchoi as the captain, Pranchalee Mulkasem as the tailman, and Phi Pai, led by Nipaporn Noppasri, Jaruwan Chaiyakarn, Thitima Sukrat, who won the bronze medal in the distance. 200 meters came the other day. Try to help each other speed up the paddlers. But in the end, he crossed the finish line in 5th place with a time of 4 minutes 59.082 seconds, missing out on a medal. The gold medal went to China with a time of 4 minutes 51.448 seconds, the silver medal to Indonesia with a time of 4 minutes 55.385 seconds, the bronze medal to South Korea.

As for the Thai men's team, which won 1 silver medal in the 200 meter distance and bronze medal in the 500 meter distance, they were unable to pass the qualifying round and reach the finals. It appears that the final round went to Indonesia with a time of 4 minutes 31.135 seconds, defeating the host team China. Made China win a silver medal and bronze medal, Myanmar

Summary of the performance of the Thai dragon long boat, winning 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals

Source: Thai News Agency