Training and Program Support Intern


The deadline to apply for this application is 5PM, Bangkok time, 2 March 2020. Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to apply early, as applications will be processed on a rolling basis, and ALTSEAN reserves the right to offer the position to the right candidate ahead of schedule. The preferred starting date for this position is mid April 2020.

ALTSEAN-Burma (the Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma), a Bangkok-based human rights group, works with a broad range of people from Southeast Asia and beyond, to promote the cause of human rights and democracy in Burma. We are known for our advocacy activities, our publications, and our training programs.

We are looking for a multi-skilled person to join the training team as an intern for twelve (12) months (or more), carrying out the duties listed below while maintaining a sense of humor. Candidates who have experience volunteering or working in the Burma movement or other human rights movements will be at an advantage.

This position will give the successful applicant the opportunity to contribute directly to the capacity of women and youth activists who work in challenging conditions in Burma. This position will suit an individual who is highly efficient; comfortable working in close collaboration with a team of diverse people, willing to work long hours and able to observe the strict discipline and security protocols of the office.

The ALTSEAN team is comprised of the Coordinator (who leads the organization and delivers many off-site trainings), the Women of Burma Trainer, Atrocity Prevention Project Officer, Program officer, and two Administrative staff (who assist the training team with management, logistics, risk assessment and accounts support). The successful applicant may be offered a fulltime position, subject to work performance, team dynamics and funding.


Women of Burma Program: Assist the Women of Burma Trainer with the delivery of the Women of Burma Internship Program, an intensive 5-month in-house training program for 6 women of Burma from diverse ethnic groups and organizations. Duties will include lesson preparation & delivery, and support with exposure and networking visits. Subjects include English; project cycle management, politics, development, health; and topics relating to human and women’s rights.

Offsite Trainings: Provide support with coordination, logistics, and monitoring and evaluation for ALTSEAN’s offsite training programs. Ensure all relevant files and databases are up-to-date and tabulate evaluations. This will require frequent collaboration with the Program Officer. ALTSEAN delivers up to 15 offsite trainings a year in the field (usually different parts of Burma and Thailand) mainly focused on Advocacy, Economic Literacy (demystifying macro-economics in the context of human rights and development), Business and Human Rights, Transitional Justice, and Atrocity Prevention.

Program Support: Assist the Coordinator and Program Officer with tracking advocacy activities and impacts, as well as narrative reporting and proposal writing. Some research work may be necessary from time to time, particularly in relation to new proposals. Other duties as directed by the Coordinator.


Duration of 12 months (negotiable – 9 months minimum). The successful applicant may be offered a fulltime position after 12 months, subject to work performance, team dynamics and funding.

Minimum of 40 working hours per week, excluding public holidays. The training intern is required to be on-call two weekends per month.

12 days annual leave per 12 months or pro-rata equivalent.

Breakfast and lunch available at the office on workdays.

During 3 month probation period:

Title: Training & Programs Support Intern

Monthly allowance of 11,000 Thai baht.

Supporting documents provided to enable application for a non-immigrant visa before arriving at ALTSEAN.

Reimbursement of up to 10,000 Thai baht during the 3 month probation period for visa-related expenses (receipts necessary for reimbursements). The intern is expected to cover all initial visa and travel related expenses to Thailand prior to the commencement of the internship.

Subsidized accommodation provided in a furnished room at the office or at an apartment used for security storage, depending on availability of either option, for the course of the probation period. Interns who opt to stay at their own accommodation may be given a small transport allowance.

After satisfactory completion of the 3 month probation, the intern will:

Receive title upgrade to Training & Programs Support Officer

Receive a monthly living allowance of 11,000 Thai baht and a monthly visa allowance of 12,000 Thai baht on a cash-in-hand basis (23,000 Thai baht nett per month). They will henceforth be responsible for their own accommodation and visa expenses. Be able to claim reimbursement to a maximum 500 Thai baht/month for health expenditures (subject to production of receipts for allowed expenditure medical, dental, medicines, vitamins, contraception, and therapeutic massage). Unused health allowance can accumulate and be claimed for larger bills incurred.

Source: Alternative Asean Network on Burma