TV host Akaranat in deep trouble after punching incident

Thai PBS on Monday suspended a programme Thailand Science Challenge hosted by Akaranat Nott Ariyarithvikul for his improper behavior.

Akaranat, 28, became an instant bad guy in the social media overnight when a video clip showing him punching a motorcycle and forcing the latter to kneel down and krab his Mini Countryman.

The incident took place in Bangrak district on Friday when a motorcycle driven by Kittisak Singto, 25, scratched his sedan after he was hit by another car, causing him to lose the balance.

The independent public TV station said that it had considered the case and found Akaranat’s behavior unsuitable to be the role model of youngsters. The station then decided to suspend the Thailand Science Challenge programme hosted by Akaranat and the other programmes in which he had a role.

Earlier, GMMTV issued a statement, saying it regretted the conduct of Akaranat, a TV programme host. It said, as a TV host, he should behave in a way that sets the example for youngsters.

The company decided to cancel his employment with immediate effect because of his unacceptable behavior. In addition, he will be required to return his award for being a role model.

Akaranat’s angry remark krab rot ku (kneeling down and wai my car) has become an instant phrase of the day especially among Thai comedians who made jokes out of the remark.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)