Urges the Election Commission to accelerate the qualification examination of “Pitha” holding media shares

Office of the EC, May 22 - White Pigeons 2006 leaders urge the EC to speed up the qualification examination of "Pita" holding media shares within 15 days, nothing complicated. believe enough evidence

Mr. Noppruj Worachitwutikul, a former leader of the White Pigeons 2006, submitted a letter requesting the Election Commission to speed up his qualifications and prohibited characteristics for Mr. Phitha Limcharoenrat's candidacy as a member of the House of Representatives. Prime Minister Candidate And the leader of the far-reaching party according to the Act on the Election of MPs, Section 42 (3) from holding shares of ITV Public Company Limited, considering that the evidence should now be complete and sufficient for examination take a test In addition, many people have filed complaints. Previously, he had filed a complaint for The Election Commission has checked since May 11, 2023, before the general election. But it has not yet taken action, therefore came to urge the Election Commission to speed up its consideration within 15 days.

The issue is the dissolution or non-dissolution of ITV, the holding of media shares and the number of shares of Mr. Phitha. which saw that the business might be dissolved in some parts but has not stopped operating There was also a document inviting shareholders to attend the meeting on April 26, 2023, with annual financial statements reported. shows that the business is not closed But there was some business stoppage. Stock trading has been stopped since 2014 by the order of the SET. Therefore, if the EC has a consensus that Mr. Pita actually holds shares and is wrong, Mr. Pita's application for MPs has been incomplete since 2019 and must be judged since 2019. and signature of applicants Party MPs are invalidated.

However, he submitted to the Election Commission to consider Mr. Phitha's right to run for election since 2019 and 2023 and his status as party leader in certifying the party's candidates. If you already know that you are disqualified in the case of holding media shares who fall under the scope of being unqualified to stand for election according to the Election Act on the Election of MPs, Section 42 and having prohibited characteristics according to Section 98 (3) of the Constitution, including the Election Commission of Thailand must consider the qualifications of candidates get elected MPs of the party have advanced too.

Mr. Nopparut said that if earlier Election Commission cuts off right to run for election Those convicted must request the return of their rights from the Supreme Court when the Election Commission comes to consider it after the election. Must submit to the Constitutional Court to decide whether there will be a cut of the right to run for the election of Mr. Phitha since 2019 or not, will the compensation and benefits of being an MP be returned or not, including signing to certify the vote Does the entire party's candidacy end?

“Please ask the Election Commission to resolve within 15 days. Previously, the qualification examination was done within 7 days after application. But it's been a long time And the damage happened to the Election Commission of Thailand because Mr. Phitha Being a candidate for Prime Minister head of the party And there is a trend about the people, so the decision of the Election Commission has an effect on the conflict. It affects the people in many sectors,” said Mr. Napruj.

When asked whether Mr. Phitha had shown a list of assets and liabilities to After that, Mr. Napruj said that Mr. Phitha had known for a long time. But in an interview with the media that Father has died since 2006, so the stock will immediately fall to Mr. Phitha. According to the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 1599, as well as being an administrator of the estate According to the Civil Code, Section 1732, rights must be transferred or notified of the transfer of shares. Benefits to other heirs must be completed within 1 year unless the court orders otherwise. which Mr. Phitha already knew In addition, in this case, it must be interpreted whether the ITV company has gone out of business or not. And have stocks on the stock market or not. Including whether Mr. Pita knew whether he held shares or assets belonging to his father. If looking at the report, there will be Mr. Pita's name every year. There was an invitation to the shareholders' meeting. financial statements are shown income, profit, shareholders There is a clear signature of the meeting. Therefore, it is considered that the business has not been dissolved.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency