VN Standards and Consumers Association to be suspended following misleading information on fish sauce

Vietnam’s Home Affairs Ministry and relevant agencies will consider suspend the operations of Vietnam Standards and Consumers Association (Vinastas) for releasing misleading test results of fish sauce causing fear among the public, Viet Nam News Online reported on Friday.

Vinastas released a survey result on October 17 about arsenic content beyond permissible level in fish sauce available in the market. However, the information was misleading as the survey made no distinction between organic and inorganic arsenic content in fish sauce. The type of arsenic in traditional fish sauce mentioned in the survey was organic arsenic which is safe for human consumption.

However, the Health Ministry announced last Saturday that all fish sauces in the market are safe after a 10-day inspection.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Tran Anh Tuan said Thursday an announcement on the quality of products must have permission of the ministries of science and technology, health, agriculture and rural development, and industry and trade.

But Vinastas made the announcement of its survey result without ministry-level permission.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has ordered the setup of an interdisciplinary team to check whether Vinastas has complied with the law following the misleading report.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)