Watch the opposition debate good policy.


Adisorn" praises the opposition for doing a good job in debate. It may not be accurate, but the policy cannot write all the details. I am confident that the Prime Minister will successfully push digital wallets.

Mr. Adisorn Piangkaset, Pheu Thai Party list MP, gave an interview about the discussion of the government's policy announcement that Overview of the discussion yesterday (Sept. 11), both the Prime Minister, Ministers, Senators (Senators), especially the opposition, performed their duties very well. It's a constructive discussion. It is different from the policy statements of many past governments. I would like to encourage both the opposition and the Senate. As for the Prime Minister and ministers, they will try to answer questions regarding policy. The policy announcement forum is a forum for the opposition investigative department. Today (September 12) is the last day. I want you to follow me. If there is any information, come and debate. Although there may be some people who may have some concerns about the past, such as Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit regarding the rice pledging. The court ruled that he was not guilty.

“The most criticized policy is the 10,000 baht digital wallet of the Pheu Thai Party or the Thai Rak Thai Party. Whatever policy is proposed is always met with the utmost opposition. In the past, the policy of 30 baht cured every disease. There are people who attack that 30 baht kills every disease. Village fund. Tell me you can't do it. Where will the money come from? The digital wallet of 10,000 baht is the same. It is believed that the government of Mr. Settha Thaweesin will definitely push this policy until it is successful. It may not be in line with the opposition. But the policy will not allow you to write all the details. But every minister was able to stand up and explain. For example, the electric train policy of 20 baht throughout the line. Today's discussion therefore wants it to be like yesterday. The people will praise all sides,” Mr. Adisorn said

Source: Thai News Agency