Whale carcass washed ashore in Trang

The carcass of a 30-tonne sperm whale was found to have been washed ashore in Hat Samran district on Sunday.

Wiwah Kao-ian, the headman of Moo 1 village, said the carcass of the whale, which is about 12-15 metres long and 1.5 metres in diameter, weighing about three tonnes, landed on the beach at Ban Laem Luk Mai in Tambon Hat Samran, Trang province.

It already decayed, sending out stinking smells.

Prachuap Mokharat, director of the marine resources section of the 7th Marine and Coastal Resources Office, said the whale, of which gender was not known, was believed to have died at least two weeks previously in the deep sea before being washed ashore.

He said it was the carcass of a sperm whale, which might have fallen sick. Its bones would be sent to the Marine Resources Research and Development Centre in Phuket for examination. The remaining of the carcass would be buried, he said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)