World-class holistic therapy destination Helix Healthcare Group helps Canadians achieve complete wellness in 2015

TORONTO, Jan. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — While physical fitness traditionally tops the list of New Year’s resolutions, Helix Healthcare Group is encouraging you to prioritize mental wellness in pursuit of self-improvement this year. Located in downtown Toronto, the state-of-the-art facility is the first of its kind in Canada, offering a neuroscience-based approach to help clients overcome everything from anxiety and depression to substance abuse and addiction.

Helix Healthcare Group

Helix Healthcare Group

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Together, Helix Healthcare Group CEO and founder Mark Rivkin and clinical director Jesse Hanson developed a treatment model that pairs traditional methods of care with mind-body techniques and cutting-edge therapies. Unlike conventional treatments, which may look solely at the symptoms, clients work with a team of industry-leading specialists to explore the origins of the issue, address the underlying causes, and begin a path to wellness. After an initial assessment, the prescription for healing may include a blend of body-centered psychotherapy, mindfulness practices, meditation, hypnotherapy, sound therapy, acupuncture and much more.

"Helix Healthcare Group was born out of a need for this type of treatment facility in Canada – one that addresses the root causes of an issue and fosters long-lasting change," said Helix Healthcare Group CEO and founder, Mark Rivkin. "We are bringing West-Coast style holistic healing to Toronto because it really works."

A fit for anyone seeking self-improvement, Helix Healthcare Group offers two unique programs. Combining the science of neuropsychology with the art of mindfulness, Catalyst Wellness is for anyone looking to reduce anxiety, break through stress, and resolve long-held trauma. Customized therapeutic programs, such as Enlighten, Awaken and Inspire, range from one to two hours a week up to a more intensive seven to ten hours a week. Specialized programs, such as Deep Dive, offer an inner-personal crash course to fast forward a transformational journey, while Perform is designed to help the corporate executive break free from complacency, rediscover their passion, and reinvest in their career. Individual treatment and counselling services are also available outside of their programs.

Spectrum Recovery is an out-patient program with an integrated and holistic approach to treating substance abuse and addiction. Based in neuroscience and delivered with compassion, the program provides an individualized approach to treatment, with more one-on-one sessions than any other program in Canada. The strong focus on aftercare fills a void in Canada, for those seeking support on their path to recovery and is a defining factor in preventing relapse. Offering five distinct levels, programs range from five hours a week to maintain ongoing recovery, and up to 20 hours a week as an alternative to residential treatment. Spectrum Recovery also provides professional assistance for interventions and Sober Coaches can be on-call around the clock to accompany the client during particular activities.

As many as one in five Canadians experience a mental health problem or addiction in their lifetime. Helix Healthcare Group guides clients on a path of empowerment and transformation, in pursuit of a happier, healthier and more balanced life. For more information, visit

About Helix Healthcare Group

Located in downtown Toronto, Helix Healthcare Group is an innovative provider of treatment services for those facing mental health, trauma and/or addiction issues. As the first of its kind in Canada, the 4000 sq. ft. world-class treatment facility offers a unique, holistic approach that pairs traditional methods of care with cutting-edge therapies to help clients achieve lasting change.

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