Angthong girl escapes death The storm destroyed almost half of the house.

Ang Thong, Aug 14 – Ao Thong girl escapes death. After the storm hit, the house collapsed almost in half. Relevant agencies accelerate surveys and provide urgent assistance.

Condition of one house, Village No. 2, Ban Hae Sub-district, Mueang District, Ang Thong Province, the upper part of the house was damaged by a storm. The roof and the wooden house collapsed in half. Until the bottom of the house, which is cement, almost all cracks

In addition, the pillars on all 4 sides of the house were broken by the wind. in a state that is ready to break down all the time Causing great concern to the residents After yesterday evening (Aug. 13), a violent storm blew. Before the rain fell heavily all night. Causing a lot of damage to the houses of people in the area of Ang Thong Province Several billboards and trees were blown away by the wind.

Miss Waraporn, 36, the owner of the house said that while she and her husband and daughter were resting in the house. There was a strong gust of wind that made a loud noise in the house. Out of fear, he and his husband took their daughter out of the house. see the roof of the house start to move until another wind blew in Causing the pillars and walls of the house to collapse After the wind subsided, there was heavy rain. The whole family had to go back to the basement to escape the rain. and use blankets to absorb the rainwater that flows down to flood the house By Mr. Samphan Thonglim, President of the Ban Hae Subdistrict Administrative Organization and Mr. Annop Suwanchana, Deputy Prime Minister, rushed to help. but from the dark state together with rain Have to wait until morning to be able to come and fix the damaged house

Mr. Paiboon Supaboon, Muang Ang Thong District Chief Instructed local government officials to speed up surveying the damage of people's houses in the area. Initially, many people's houses were damaged. The relevant agencies prepare to explore and provide urgent assistance.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency