Bail for the nephew of hot-headed politicians Benz drives in the face, draws a gun, threatens

May 19 – A young man drives a hot-headed Benz. Nephew of Chiang Mai local politician Driving in the face, pulling a gun to threaten the other party in the middle of the road after being honked The police found a house full of guns. After being released on bail, he also posted photos of guns and challenging messages.

The front camera captured the scene of a hot-headed young man driving a black Benz across the road. Dissatisfied with being honked by the other party, a half-breed man. The incident occurred on the Chiang Mai-Doi Saket road. before reaching the intersection of the Children's Court Chiang Mai city and drew out a short pistol weapon to threaten until the parties are frightened and drove the car to the other side Before entering to report a complaint at Mae Ping Police Station

The police examined it and found that This hot-headed young man is Mr. Sithipat, 25, the son of a gold shop owner. and is the grandson of a famous local politician in Chiang Mai Therefore brought a warrant to search the house in Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province, found both 13 short and long firearms belonging to Mr. Sithipat's father who is a shooter of 10 guns, but some of them are named by other people And belonged to Mr. Sithipat 3 guns, therefore seized all firearms to inspect and would allow Doi Saket Police Station to revoke the registration of all 3 guns as well

Before relatives took Mr. Sithipat to turn himself in to the police He claimed he was dissatisfied with being driven across the face and honking his horn. who was prosecuted for carrying firearms in the city way or public places in the village without permission and frightening others. before giving bail

Police Major General Tawatchai Pong Wiwattanachai Chiang Mai Provincial Police Commander It was revealed that the perpetrators had admitted their guilt. due to dissatisfaction with being honked at the car horn and give the middle finger so angry driving but was afraid that the opponent would attack him, so he picked up a firearm to intimidate with apologies to the parties

The famous page posted a hot-headed young man still showing a gun in Hospital after getting bail

Red Skull's Twitter page has taken the IG story of this hot-headed young man, Sittipat, who also posted a picture of a rifle with a message. “Finally fled to the police. Gujarati police. I told the police if they put me in jail. I'll shoot you into the hole first. Then I go in, otherwise I won't get in for free. (All the guns are there) Dammit, run away like a dog and come to me first."

It also published a photo of the accused posing showing a handgun hung at his waist. while waiting to see a doctor in a famous hospital in Chiang Mai This clip has a lot of comments. fear of insecurity because it is a place where there are a lot of people Afraid there will be shootings or more violent incidents.

The hospital prepares to report the citizen's nephew showing a gun

While such private hospitals Call for an urgent meeting of relevant officials to find out preventive measures. And prepare to report to this young Benz as well If there is more notification, it will become the third party of this hot-headed young Benz. after yesterday evening A 20-year-old young student filed a complaint at Mae Ping Police Station for being hit by Mr. Sithipat and 2 others who cut him in the face, cursed and threatened to shoot before smashing the car. The incident happened on May 4th. Is the second party in the case already. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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