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Lymphoma patients How should I choose a treatment strategy? What should I eat, or are there any foods that should not be eaten? Here are some facts and advice from experts.

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How to treat lymphoma

When the disease is diagnosed as lymphoma Hematology internal medicine doctor (Hematilogist) will plan treatment by giving targeted drugs called Antibodies to B-cells and using chemotherapy drugs called Chop.

The doctor will use this medicine set 6 times, each time 3 weeks apart, 1 time, which is half a day, without having to stay in the hospital. This medicine will be given through an IV drip. The doctor may give you medicine to treat vomiting. Medicine to prevent low white blood cells Or medicine that prevents us from having severe allergies.

The most common types of lymphoma include:

Lymphoma (Lymphoma)

B-cell lymphoma

diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL)

herbal treatment Can it be cured?

The doctor said The doctor does not prohibit it if the patient or the patient's family I would like to increase my confidence by choosing alternative medicine. But I want the patient to receive treatment using chemotherapy 6 times first because if the treatment is not complete, the patient will greatly lose the opportunity for treatment.

Food for lymphoma patients

The doctor recommended that You should focus on clean food. Eat food from all 5 food groups. Patients do not need to starve from protein. or fasting from any group Because during the administration of chemotherapy If the patient gains weight during treatment The patient will have immunity against germs. Against cancer cells as well In this group of patients, it is often cured.

However, if you find yourself sick with lymphoma. Doctors want patients and families not to be discouraged. Try to receive treatment all 6 times. Currently, treatment rights are covered. I want patients to have hope. Because lymphoma can be cured.

Source: Thai News Agency