“Bhoomtham” advises all parties to join hands in making a constitution for the People’s Party.

Bangkok, "Phoomtham" reveals progress of the Education Sub-Committee, talking with Seri-Parit, listening to the guidelines of the Senators and MPs in formulating referendum questions, looking at channels for the constitution to be passed, ready to talk with all groups. Summary of opinions, expected at the end of December to propose a large committee. Suggest that all parties join hands to create a democratic constitution.

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce As chairman of the committee to consider and study guidelines for holding a referendum To solve the problem of different opinions Regarding the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand 2017, mentioning the progress of operations, the two sub-committees have already begun their work, with the Education Sub-Committee. talked with academics Legal experts and politicians by talking with Mr. Seri Suwannaphanon, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Political Development and Public Participation, to come to an agreement on listening to opinions. In the matter of asking questions by giving The Senator expressed his opinion. What kind of constitution do you want to see?

In addition, I also talked with Mr. Parit Watcharasin, Chairman of the Commission. political development mass communication and public participation The House of Representatives has come up with guidelines for questions to ask MPs because political parties play an important role in drafting all 500 MPs to represent people from various groups, while senators are representatives of various professions. The discussion will get to know what the Senators and MPs desire because both MPs and Senators have the power to decide whether to pass or not pass the constitution. Therefore, by getting to know the understanding and thoughts of all 700 people, we will be able to see what the way for the constitution to be passed will be.

In addition, there will be various professions. to listen to the guidelines both from student groups That will be discussed around the beginning of November, with military, police, and civil society groups such as the Assembly of the Poor, P-Move, and iLaw. The talks will allow the opinions of various groups to be heard more clearly and make democracy the principle we need most. Including considering what limitations the various parties have in order to solve them. This is expected at the end of December. The Education Subcommittee will come to a conclusion. and the beginning of January or the beginning of the first quarter of 2024 It will be submitted to a large committee for consideration before being presented to the Cabinet for finalizing the referendum. with topics and questions As collected by the Education Subcommittee

Reporters asked how far the party has progressed. Are there any proposals for amending the constitution? Mr. Phumtham said Look at the way he proposed the constitutional motion. Still insisting on drafting the entire draft. Without excluding Category 1 and Category 2 The principles of the government are already different. and the majority in the House belongs to the government. Confirming the position of not touching Section 1 and Section 2 because there is no need to cause conflicting understandings. and has created new conflicts And if it is a conflict with something that MPs and senators do not agree with, the draft constitution, no matter how well written, will not pass. But we aim to see a democratic constitution as much as possible. as much as possible and aim to pass Can be used in the new election.

“Democratic principles require listening to the majority in society. If you really want to see democracy You should not insist on your own thoughts. If we don't go through what will happen will become like that. We can only propose a constitution that is very democratic in our opinion. but have never been able to use it If you understand this and see that society has different opinions. No one's opinion is the most correct. But when we live together, we must discuss with each other. Using the best point When society is ready, it will gradually develop. And today we will have a better democracy than in 2017, when there was more democracy and people received more protection. We must live with the truth. You must see the development that needs to be corrected. Because democracy never happens at once as desired. Around the world, democratic countries There must be development. I want you to understand this and help make the constitution pass. Otherwise, the older generation will become a hindrance. making the country less democratic Unable to overcome various conflicts that arise It will not be good for society,” Mr. Phumtham said.

Source: Thai News Agency

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