“Big Joke” orders investigation into German media expose of child prostitution ring in Thailand

Nong Bua Lamphu, “Big Joke” has ordered an inspection. German media exposes documentary on child prostitution ring in Thailand Claims that the police received a bribe of 1 million baht, which has affected the image of the police. Confirming that if it is truly wrong, he must be prosecuted.

Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Referring to the case of famous media in Germany revealing a documentary on child prostitution rings in Thailand. Claims that two foreign suspects paid a bribe of 1 million baht and fled, saying that in their capacity as responsible for the case at that time This case occurred in Pattaya. Orders were given to arrest and expand the results. This matter originally arose from the Department of Provincial Administration going in to arrest child prostitution. It was found that two Germans were using the services of children under 18 years of age, so an arrest warrant was issued and the two foreign suspects were arrested in their capacity as supervising the Anti-Human Trafficking Center. ordered Pattaya City Police Station proceed according to law Later it was learned that the court had already granted bail. As for the Immigration Bureau (Immigration Bureau), it has already been blacklisted and prohibited from leaving the country. But because he submitted a request to the court to request permission to travel out of the country. Then the court allowed When the court gives permission, they can travel out of the country.

Pol.Gen.Surachet further said that in this case it was the police's part. We are currently investigating Because if the regulations are followed As soon as a foreigner is arrested The investigative officer must notify the Immigration Bureau because if released on bail, he will have to be detained at the Immigration Cell, which is currently investigating. Investigator of Pattaya City Police Station Is there a report according to regulations or not? On December 4th, the results will be known and there will be a press conference on December 5th. He admits that this matter is a damaging matter.

As for the case where the foreign accused has left the country, can he be recalled or not? Pol. Gen. Surachet said that this matter has been filed by the prosecutor. But from inspection Prosecutors also objected to bail. But the court granted bail. and the court allowed him to leave the country He therefore has the right to leave the country. But according to the procedure, you must return to court. which the police know He is scheduled to appear in court next week. But if they don't come, an arrest warrant must be issued, a red notice (Interpol).

When asked whether the police were considered defective or not? Pol. Gen. Surachet said that he had to check whether the investigating officer had reported it to the Immigration Bureau or not because in the case of a foreigner being held on bail at the police station. Regardless of bail in the police station or court. Had to be detained in an immigration cell, unable to go out and wander around. But if the investigating officer does not report the arrest to the Immigration Bureau, the court will not know about it. This case is similar to Jinling Pub. When there was no notification to the Immigration Bureau, the accused was able to walk around.

Pol. Gen. Surachet further said that as for the police officers who were accused of receiving bribes, today (Dec. 3) he has ordered an investigation team. All checked Including the financial route. If an offense is found, it must be prosecuted. Confirm that it is an individual offense. not a process Because it is a matter of purchasing services. It's not a matter of human trafficking.

When asked if this matter was considered to affect the confidence of the police. Pol. Gen. Surachet said that there are many good things the police do. But there are a lot of things that are not done well. Therefore, waste water must be separated from bile. Any police officer who is bad must be punished. in the current situation Police must adjust their behavior Today there are many inspection systems. Not like before While the perpetrator returns to Germany, he can still post. Everything can be verified. If they are wrong, they must be prosecuted.

Source: Thai News Agency

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