Breeding Japanese long-tailed chickens for sale is a new business with good profits.

Khon Kaen, Nov. 3 – The traditional Japanese long-tailed chicken or “Onagadori” is a beautiful chicken that was raised in Japan's high society in the past. Still not very well known in Thailand Many people don't believe it exists. Even though it made a very good profit.

I accidentally saw this chicken on social media. It is an ancient picture of Japan. which is beautiful and exotic. Mr. Chalermchai Maneebun, 40 years old, Nonthan villager. Nong Song Hong District, Khon Kaen Province, former Thai worker in Israel who returned to their home country 7 years ago and therefore are interested in finding out more information We started by buying and raising 1 pair, male and female, for a price of 18,000 baht from an importer in Thailand. Later, I contacted the importer myself 4 times, 1 pair at a time, but due to its fragility and requires more attention than general domestic chickens Only 1 pair survived, but it was enough for Chalermchai to continue raising Japanese long-tailed chicks for sale over the past 4-5 years.

Currently, there are more than 20 of every size, gradually being sold out. There are only 2 long-tailed models left. When the wind blows their tails, they look even more beautiful and sway. The white ones are such a perfect composition. Chalermchai claims that right now there is only one in Thailand. In ASEAN, there is one in Vietnam, with a tail length measuring 2.70 meters and still longer. Recently, Myanmar agreed on a purchase price of 150,000 baht.

private black and white People raised in a conservation center in Japan See that it is beautiful and true to the ancient style shown in the reference picture. This one will not be sold. Otherwise, there will be no long tail left to continue marketing. because there will be no credibility

Mr. Chalermchai advises beginners who are not yet brave enough to invest. I want to order 2 month old chicks that haven't been graded yet. Take the risk and try raising a pair, 2,500-3,000 baht per pair, but when they reach 5-8 months of age, the tails will start to grow long and can be graded. The price will be 7,000-10,000 baht.

Customers are both in Thailand and abroad, including Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Malaysia, generating average income per month. 30,000-50,000 baht if you understand the limitations. Raising is not difficult. Just fed with pellet food. They don't eat paddy rice, milled rice, and bran like chickens in our country. The cost is not high. The food heads are 20 baht per kilogram. They can eat each one for 1 week.

Mr. Chalermchai also said that when he posted on social media Many people don't believe it's real. You often see sentences like: Take a rope, take a straw, or take a white cloth and join it to make a long tail. and bringing false information into the computer system Until I was tired of explaining, I confirmed that I had consulted the relevant agencies. No need to register like pheasants or parrots. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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