“COSMEX 2023” has begun, a big event in the beauty business industry.

"COSMEX 2023" has begun, a big event in the beauty business industry. Providing technology and production services Packaging from over 200 brands, 7-9 Nov., BITEC Bangna.

COSMEX 2023 is now open, a 360-degree event for the beauty industry that allows entrepreneurs to meet suppliers from upstream to downstream. RX Tradex is ready to invite people in the industry to find the elements that will make their business successful. At the event 7-9 Nov. at Hall 100, BITEC Bangna.

Mrs. Waraporn Thamcharee, Managing Director of RX Tradex (formerly known as Reed Tradex), a leader in organizing trade fairs in ASEAN, revealed that COSMEX (Cosmex) 2023, a production technology exhibition. Production service and cosmetic packaging body care products and dietary supplements It has opened for entrepreneurs in the beauty industry to visit the event and gather useful information for brand building. It's early days of competition and adjustment in this industry. And the event will run until November 9 at Hall 100, BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center.

COSMEX 2023 is organized under the concept of “For the Look of Success” or “Revealing the Success of Your Business”, no matter how entrepreneurs imagine new success or another level of success in the beauty business at COSMEX. You will find many elements that will form the face of success for entrepreneurs to see without waiting. And this COSMEX event is still organized together with in-cosmetics Asia (in-cosmetics Asia), an exhibition. Asia Pacific's Leading Personal Care Ingredients As in past years, in-cosmetics Asia will be held in Halls 101 - 104 of BITEC Bangna. At the event, you will meet more than 200 companies, over 200 brands from 22 countries, as well as other entrepreneurs. Over 600 companies at in-cosmetics Asia brought visitors to both shows You will receive comprehensive beauty industry information.

Ms. Monthira Phonprasit, Technical Director of Milott Laboratories Company Limited, spoke about the trend of contract manufacturing in the Thai market that Nowadays, customers are looking for Clean Beauty products and environmental conservation. This will continue to be a trend that will continue to be popular for many years to come. There is also a popular trend regarding skin that the market is highly competitive at the moment, namely, clear, juicy skin like glass (Glass Skin), soft and plump skin (Cloud Skin), and bouncy, flexible skin (Plump Skin).

Mr. Sittichai Kaewsuriyan Sales Manager of Aztec Innova Company Limited, talking about the trend of beauty technology in Thailand, said that after the COVID outbreak situation, it was found that there was an increase of 60% in the number of new beauty clinics opening, with the demand for Better skin health for Thai people Make various laser tools has become popular, and Aztec Innova has laser tools that meet a variety of needs.

Mr. Supharat Chotikunthanachai, Country Manager for Thailand HP products Indigo and Inkjet Web Press Solution, Printing and Computer Business Group, HP Inc. (Thailand) Co., Ltd., talks about current packaging trends and technology that Brands are wanting to change their packaging more frequently. This makes the trend for packaging production to be able to meet the needs of production in small quantities. To reduce costs and reduce waste problems that will occur as a result. which digital printing technology can answer It also helps reduce the work process to be faster.

Mrs. Sarah Gibson, Event Director, RX UK, organizer of in-cosmetics Asia, discussed the overview and highlights of in-cosmetics Asia that those attending the event, both exhibitors and Visitors play an important role in the beauty industry. Because the beauty market in Asia Pacific is growing significantly, it will grow to 67% of the global market by 2027. Because it will be held in conjunction with COSMEX, visitors will receive 360-degree information on the beauty business, starting with ingredients. to production into products to the packaging It can be said to be from the beginning to the end. There will also be new ingredients that have been launched for no more than 8 months in the Innovation Showcase zone and environmentally friendly ingredients in the Spotlight On display, which has seminars on Sustainability too

Mrs. Waraporn added that In addition to viewing the new equipment and technology that will be on display at this event. There will also be 10 interesting seminar topics throughout the 3-day event by famous speakers who are well known in the beauty industry and social media world, held at the seminar room in Hall 100. Covers knowledge in terms of brands, production, various ingredients, as well as marketing that will help add knowledge to seminar attendees. There will also be a special Coz Magic section that showcases the products and services of exhibitors voted on social media for their interesting content.

COSMEX 2023 is scheduled to be held from 7-9 November 2023 from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM at Hall 100, co-located with in-cosmetics Asia (Halls 101 - 104), Bitay Exhibition and Convention Center. C Register once and visit both events. There is an entrance ticket fee of 500 baht per person. See details of the event and seminar information at www.cosmexshow.com For more information, please call 0 2686 7222, email: contactcenter@rxtradex.com.

Source: Thai News Agency

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