Director-General of the Department of Thai Traditional Medicine is not afraid of “Chuvit” for the new government to check the bill for marijuana.

SorThor. 19 May – Director-General of the Department of Thai Traditional Medicine. received yesterday, someone complained "The marijuana shop in front of the school" today sent an officer to check, it appears that the shop is closed, not afraid "Chuwit" sued the new Minister of Public Health to check the bill in the case of marijuana, believe the living Minister has discretion Civil servants follow government policies, repeating the km. Now using the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health. Controlled herbs. It's just a ban on selling in children. but no zone Because it still pending in the House of Representatives If you want to come back, hurry up and consider.

Dr. Thongchai Lertvilairattanapong Director General Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Mentioning the case of Mr. Chuvit Kamolvisit, visiting the area of St. Joseph School, found a marijuana shop opposite the school that this matter, the Department received a complaint yesterday (May 18), by today (May 19) sent an officer of the Department go to the area to inspect found that the shop was closed According to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health Regulated Herbs (Marijuana) B.E. 2022 with conditions and authorization for prohibition of distribution to students And those under the age of 20, if there is a violation, the license must be revoked. Therefore, the shop that asks for permission must operate in accordance with the law. And there must be reports of marijuana trading. Sent with the department as well, must specify the email address of the person who bought the marijuana. This matter has just been enforced in February. As for the story with a marijuana shop opposite the school want to understand Originally, there was a proposal for zoning marijuana, but this matter is still pending in the council. If the new government agrees that there should be zoning, it will speed up consideration. or will cancel It's up to the new government.

Dr. Thongchai said that controlling the use of marijuana It's not different from alcohol and cigarettes. We have to teach our children to teach our grandchildren to understand. because it is useful Just have to enact the law to be concise and strict. In the past, I used to inspect unauthorized stores, with penalties ranging from imprisonment of 1 year to a fine of not more than 20,000 baht, of which 50 cases have been prosecuted. criminal As for the case where Mr. Chuwit Threatening the new government to attack both the Permanent Secretary and the Director General related to that marijuana It is seen that the person who will become a minister has enough maturity and discretion. understand the practice of civil servants that it complies with the roles and policies of governments and ministers - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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