“Doctor Suphat” said that he had not yet seen a serious disciplinary examination book. I can confidently clarify

SorThor. 19 May – "Doctor Suphat" said that he had not yet seen a serious disciplinary examination book. I can confidently clarify Don't be afraid if the exam is protracted. Even with a new government because how Bhumjaithai Party is also the opposition. Identify which party is in control of the public health ministry, all ready to work together

Dr. Supat Hasuwanakij, director of Saba Yoi Hospital, Songkhla Province, gave an interview about the case of sharing a letter of order from the Ministry of Public Health (Sor. Sor.) to set up a serious disciplinary investigation committee. In the case of procurement of ATK and modification of the 8-storey service building design that is not in accordance with the regulations and causes damage to the government When he was in the position of the director of the Chana Hospital, he said that he had not yet seen the actual examination book, but did not understand why the book had reached the media before the subject was examined. However, when receiving the examination book must gather evidence to clarify and confident in their own evidence that it can be proven ready to not be afraid even if the political polarity changes Because the public opinion is very clear that Bhumjaithai Party is the leader of the opposition. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Health should definitely change the management.

The part that is labeled The Progressive Party might not come to the Ministry of Public Health, that's no problem. They are willing to work with all parties. Even Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party, became Minister of Public Health. that the past might not be at odds with the rural medical club After all, Khunying Sudarat was a pillar in the establishment of the universal health insurance system during the year 2002, she had a good understanding of the health system.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency