Get drafting principles. Committee to protect and promote the way of life of ethnic groups

Parliament 28 Feb. - The House accepts the draft principles. Act to protect and promote the way of life of ethnic groups Supporting ethnic groups to receive welfare and have income from tourism Today's meeting of the House of Representatives (Feb. 28) has Mr. Padipat Santipada, 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, chairing the meeting to consider the draft Act to Protect and Promote the Way of Life of Ethnic Groups, the first agenda, proposed by the Cabinet. Regarding the draft bill in the same manner that the Pheu Thai Party, the Kao Klai Party and two groups of the people's sector, namely the group of Mr. Sakda Saenmee and the group of Mr. Suriyan Thongnuiad, are proposing. Mr. Sermsak Phongpanich, Minister of Culture Explain the principles and reasons that in order to have a law protecting and promote the way of life of ethnic groups and in accordance with the constitution that the state must promote and protect Thai people of all ethnicities To have the right to live in society according to the way of life and traditional culture in peace It must not jeopardize the security of the state. and for protection Promote equality for all ethnic groups. While Mr. Suriyan Thongnooiad, a citizen who has the right to submit a name to propose a law Explain the principles and reasons that In order to have laws to protect indigenous peoples, Thailand is a multicultural society. There are ethnic groups and indigenous tribes with identity and its own culture There are settlements scattered in various regions. The constitution guarantees that people are equal before the law. and Thailand also signed a contract and conventions with foreign countries including international commitments But there is still discrimination from the state. and some rights are not protected, such as determination of personal status Rights to live in land that overlaps government conservation areas Lack of access to basic public services and lack of participation in decision making that may affect the way of life of ethnic groups The refore, there is a need for a protective law. Mr. Laofung Bandit Terdsakul The Kao Klai Party list MP, as the person who proposed the law, said that this draft law It can be used as a tool for the community and the state to protect the community. and lead to solving the problem of ethnic group violations Including it will be beneficial to local people in management. and local development The global society is giving importance to protecting everyone to have a good and equal way of life. especially the indigenous tribes that are affected by modern law and policy to affect culture and local customs Ms. Piyarat Tiyapairat, Chiang Rai MP, Pheu Thai Party, as the person proposing the law, explained that although the state has had measures to protect ethnic groups in the past, But there is still a lack of specific laws that determine appropriate measures for implementation. causing there to still be ethnic groups Some rights are not protected. While Mr. Pitha Limjaroenrat List of MPs from the Kao Klai Party disc ussed that there are 4 goal pillars to improve the quality of life of the tribes. and ethnicity, including the granting of land rights Protection and promotion of culture Giving children G-code rights and granting citizenship to receive protection of rights and access to basic government services 'But in the reality of Thailand, it is found that ethnic groups Don't have your own place to eat. lost culture especially communication language There is inequality in education and there is no service from the state. and was discriminated against The main obstacles that cause these problems include laws such as the Forestry Act, reserved forests, parks, insufficient budget for stateless people, and government administration. who still misunderstood ethnic groups that were a threat to security; therefore, asked the House of Representatives have jointly accepted the principles of these draft laws To improve the quality of life of ethnic groups which the world trend has proven to be ethnic group Contribute to forest c onservation and change the way of thinking Do not separate people from the forest and allowing ethnic groups to participate Reduce deforestation and ethnic economy is being promoted all over the world Including changing the problem to become an economic opportunity,' Mr. Pitha said. As well, the discussions of other MPs were in the same direction. They all supported the principles in the draft law. so that ethnic groups receive welfare Basic rights Especially in public health, education and occupation. It can also be used as a channel for economic promotion to ethnic groups. Each group has a different culture, such as counting New Year's Day. that the government promotes tourism for tourists to visit Create income for the community He also asked to be careful about the establishment of various tribal councils, which is a delicate matter. Because some operations may lead to division, the security dimension must also be taken into account. AllBefore voting, Mr. Kecha Saksombun List of MPs Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party A motion was presented to the meeting. Separate each vote instead of voting all at once But Mr. Chutipong Phiphobphinyo, Rayong MP from the Kao Klai Party, proposed that the meeting vote together at one time. If you disagree on any issue I would like to ask it to be considered at the committee level. But in the end The meeting voted by a majority of 254 to 156 votes to vote separately on each issue. At the meeting, there was a unanimous resolution of 414 votes to accept the principles of the draft Act to protect and promote the way of life of ethnic groups, the first agenda, proposed by the Cabinet. And there was a majority vote to accept the principles of the draft law proposed by Mr. Sakda Saenmee's group with a resolution of 386 to 25 votes and accepted the principles of the draft law proposed by the public sector. The group of Mr. Suriyan Thongnooiad voted 385 to 25 and accepted the principles of the draft law. at Pheu Thai Party With a unanimous resolution of 412 votes and a resolution agreeing wi th the draft law proposed by the Progressive Party with a resolution of 389 votes to 25 votes and setting up a committee. One set of 42 people was created to make adjustments at the committee level. Using the draft law proposed by the Cabinet. It is the main draft law for consideration. before presenting to the House of Representatives Continue to consider agenda items 2 and 3 according to the next steps. The details within the draft law Establishing protection and promotion of ethnic groups' way of life. To protect Thai people of various ethnic groups to have the right to live according to their culture. and a voluntary traditional way of life in peace, without being disturbed, without being hated, despised, or unfairly discriminated against can preserve and can express the problems of geography, culture, beliefs according to way of life without disrupting peace and order and good morals of the people and provide access to the state's basic utilities Ready to establish a committee to protect and promote the way of life of ethnic groups. came up with one set with the Prime Minister as chairman and Minister of Social Development and Human Security and the Ministry of Culture is the Vice President by position To act in determining policies regarding protection Promote the lifestyle of ethnic groups To present to the Cabinet for approval, including the announcement of ethnic groups protected under this law. Ready to establish an assembly of ethnic groups of Thailand made up of members representing ethnic groups. Each group has no more than 5 people and a chairman is chosen. and Vice President of the General Assembly and secretary of the assembly We organize meetings twice a year to act as a center for coordinating and exchanging knowledge. and create good understanding between ethnic groups and society, recommend policies and measures for protection and promote the way of life of ethnic groups to the committee. In addition, it is also required to prepare information on the way of life. and ethnic history to protect and promote the way of life of ethnic groups and is important basic information In order to verify the facts according to the law in certifying personal status. or in changing the area prescribed by law. for conservation or use of natural resources and the environment and other government actions that affect ethnic groups etc Source: Thai News Agency

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