Get rid of influential people who abuse their power.

Minister of Interior presents 10 policies aimed at social development - promoting the economy. Volunteers to be 'rats' to help with the 'Lion' mission, emphasizing the elimination of influential people who abuse their power.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Meeting to deliver policies and important missions of the Ministry of Interior The Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr. Kriang Kaltinan, Mr. Songsak Thongsri, and Mr. Chada Thaiset, as well as provincial governors, permanent secretaries, as well as government officials from all sectors across the country, attended the hearing, Mr. Anutin said. that "Please pay respect to the 3 Deputy Ministers of the Interior and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health," causing Suthipong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior He came up and said, “Matthai,” causing Anutin to laugh and apologize and say, “This is good confusion. It shows that wherever I go, I always have a bond with everyone,” Mr. Anutin said.

Mr. Anutin said that everyone in this room is considered to be brothers and sisters because they are familiar with each other. Since the time he did not have a position or had a position that was not related to the Ministry of Interior. On many occasions, he called everyone "Phi". including deputy ministers, permanent secretaries and officials in all departments The Ministry of Interior must work closely and directly affect the people in every dimension and context. Therefore, we ask that everyone join together to drive both the mission and the government's policies. Consisting of 10 policy guidelines: 1) Improving the quality of life and make money By applying the royal ideas To promote and develop the quality of life Including creating jobs, income, creating opportunities for the people. 2) Reduce costs from water use. By installing clean water filters for people who live far from water sources. together with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority and the Provincial Waterworks Authority, which is rushing to improve water quality And in the long run, confidence must be built so that people can drink water from the tap.

The Minister of Interior said 3) Reduce the cost of electricity and oil in all government agencies. Promote the installation of solar cells or Solar Roofs on the roofs of government buildings and local administrative organizations. Create carbon neutrality operations (Carbon Neutrality Roadmap), procure clean energy vehicles or EV vehicles. 4) Focus on the use of clean energy. Encourage the installation of residential solar energy. and increase income from selling excess electricity Encourage communities to generate income from clean energy. Such as setting up a carbon bank. 5) Organize society. crack down on influential people To create peace and order, free from vices, free from drugs, and ensure people have security in their lives and property. Anything that goes against this? It is the duty of the Ministry of Interior to be eradicated. We must establish what the influential people here are for the Ministry of Interior. Influencer refers to someone who uses the power they have in an unfavorable way.

“There is no need to be a hooligan. Or are they gangsters? Good people are the ones who have power but use it incorrectly. Use it to oppress others. create personal benefits and cause other people to suffer, deprive them of opportunities, regardless of government power Local power, money power, or power from various connections If we use the influence that you have Combined with benefits and virtues, it is something that is praiseworthy. But using influence to cause suffering and damage to society and the nation It is something that must be eliminated,” Mr. Anutin said.

The Minister of Interior said: 6) Use digital systems to create convenience for users. Contact government officials in the One Stop Service system to reduce the use of discretion by officials. and reduce corruption 7) Facilitate and provide safety for tourists Because tourism is the country's main income. 8) Promoting the grassroots economy, production, marketing, and distribution, reducing expenses, creating income, reducing inequality, leading markets, supplementing innovation, increasing income, in line with the government's digital wallet policy. 9) Solving the drug problem Suppression and treatment alone are not enough. But we must keep people away from drugs as much as possible. The indicators must be clearly defined. There are strong areas of responsibility and practice. If any area has more drugs due to neglect. The owner of that area must show responsibility. Must fence off their own administrative area. 10) Support the development of the primary health system and preparedness. Local supports the elderly society Transfer of Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospitals (Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospitals) because the Ministry of Public Health is already sharing the full burden. Can help cut down on steps Establish a local Chiva Governance Chairman

Mr. Anutin emphasized the policy guidelines of the CEO to integrate cooperation from various sectors. Focus on measurable results. The reporter had asked about this policy many times. Whether it is a consolidation of power or not, if you ask yourself 10 times, you will answer the same thing 10 times. No one wants to consolidate these powers. It's all on our shoulders. But we want to coordinate and connect various networks. To achieve better work efficiency, the word CEO refers to an executive, not a person who collects power. The Ministry of Interior is like a lion. According to the symbol in the Royal Seal So there is the lion's mission. As for myself, my nickname is Noo.

“You are a lion. Please let me help you. What are you stuck on? You can come and tell. and bring benefits to you in every aspect I am happy to make you happy to share responsibility with you. The lion probably won't pounce on us. It was the mouse that helped the lion and lived together in peace. Otherwise, it probably wouldn't be in Aesop's fables.” Minister of the Interior Said.

Source: Thai News Agency