Give evidence to pay homage to the sticker. blame those involved

Bangkok, June 8th – "Wiroj-Transportation Federation" provides evidence, clues to pay homage to truck stickers. to the National Police Inspector General Examine all those involved in the process.

At 1:30 p.m., Mr. Wiroj Lakkhana Adisorn, Acting MP for Kao Klai and Mr. Apichart Prairungruang, President of the Land Transport Federation of Thailand bring evidence, information, clues to pay tribute to truck stickers across the country to Pol. Gen. Visanu Prasarttong-Osoth National Police Inspector General and the team to investigate and prosecute those involved in the whole movement of truck stickers.

Mr. Wiroj said that the information delivered to the National Police Inspector General today has 2 parts, one is the Confederation of Land Transport. Another part is information. Destination clues from good citizens who have suffered from such problems. As for the in-depth expansion, it is the duty of the police to investigate. It is believed that at this time information from the National Police Inspector General and the NACC should have made great progress. Verify the information provided today for staff to check if they are matched and connected. to be useful And allow the police to act more confidently. lessen and expecting to make other tribute problems Alleviate some light as well. Including taking legal action against entrepreneurs or supporters for overloading, stone mills, soil pits, sand pits must be prosecuted. and confiscating a factory business license or Ror.Nor.

At the same time, we will speed up discussing the trade rhetoric of some investigators who demand benefits from those who carry excess weight so as not to have their vehicles confiscated. by creating a false lease which involved some prosecutors Therefore, the law must be reviewed and amended so that the punishment is proportional to the progressive rate. because some offenders carried very heavy loads But there is a miracle resulting in less penalties and no vehicle confiscated

In addition, he has reviewed an open letter expressing disappointment to the Federation. To solve the problem that is not serious He has given it to the police inspector in its entirety. and that the decision to join the federation Of other entrepreneurs or not is voluntary. It cannot be assumed that everyone who pays tribute is an offender. because some people have to compromise

Mr. Apichart revealed that the federation has a mutual agreement with its members that they will not break the law. If any member is found guilty, they will be expelled from the Federation, of course, in the event that the sender of an open letter to the Federation He wanted to meet to talk. because the tribute system has been rooted for a long time It can be assumed that everyone cannot make mistakes. must check first Today, the information has been sent to the Inspector General to see if there are any errors. affirmatively implied because he had fought for 20 years

In this regard, it is seen that officials must be serious in solving problems. Because in the past, there has never been a police inspector to pick up such a thing. ready to promise to fix We are ready to send staff to the area together.

As for the highway patrol and Prachuap Khiri Khan Excise Officers Arrested illegal oil trucks on June 3. Not related to sticker tribute In Thailand, there are 1.5 million trucks in total, but the federation members have about 300,000 vehicles, which is only one-third of the total number. which the confederation cannot force other entrepreneurs to join because the union have a mutual agreement But some companies or other entities may need to act illegally for business competition.

Pol. Gen. Visanu revealed that after receiving the information, the working group of the Inspector General and the Central Investigation Police will investigate who the allusion is to. Ready to bring the information received together. which will speed up the inspection within 15 days before reporting the results, which the Commander-in-Chief of the Police instructed to take the best care and allow the offenders to receive justice As for any police officer who commits an offense, steps will be taken. The same is true for the wife of the deputy commander of the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police. that is news that it is a tribute sticker maker Initially, at this time, it is not yet known if any police officers with a rank higher than the police colonel level committed an offense or not.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency