Goods Prices to Be Reduced After Oil Price Cut: Commerce Minister

Prices of various goods will be reduced within 15 days following the government’s decision to lower electricity and diesel oil prices, said the Commerce Minister.

Deputy prime minister and commerce minister Phumtham Wechayachai began working at the Ministry on the first day, discussing with senior officials their joint effort to address the country’s crisis.

Their urgent policy is to monitor goods prices, as the Cabinet has already issued measures to lower electricity and oil costs.

These measures have an effect on the production costs of goods, which should be adjusted accordingly. The Internal Trade Department has been instructed to negotiate with product manufacturers in detail to achieve clear targets within 15 days, he said.

Prices should be reduced by the beginning of October, just in time for the New Year’s gifts for the public, he added.

In the upcoming week, major manufacturers, especially those of essential consumer goods, will be invited to discuss and provide information to collectively work on solving problems for the people.

Moreover, he said the 10,000- baht digital handout policy, a major economic stimulus program to be implemented within six months has been assigned to relevant agencies for review.

This includes addressing concerns about the measure’s condition on spending within a 4-kilometer radius that may affect the public.

The government is exploring ways to distribute goods or to increase designated places for the people to purchase products by using the digital money under the campaign conveniently. (TNA)

Source: Thai News Agency