“Grand Sport” grand opening national volleyball team 2023

Bangkok, May 25, 2023 - Mr. Thiti Prukcha-um, Managing Director of Grand Sport Group Company Limited, revealed that Grand Sport is preparing to launch the 2023 Thai national volleyball team under the concept of THE PHENOMENON. The important power of the Thai national volleyball team that will create a new phenomenon for the world to remember. The pattern of the dress is inspired by natural phenomena, whirlwinds, thunder, lightning, earthquakes, lava streams, combined into graphic patterns on the dress. to convey the strength and power of nature And also to let everyone know that this year the Thai national volleyball team will return to create a phenomenon that volleyball fans can be proud of again. Especially the important competition is qualifying tournament Women's volleyball Olympic Games 2024 will also be held this year.

“For this year's Thai national volleyball team concept, we use the word Phenomenon to mean a phenomenon that wants fans to Can be excited to cheer that this year our volleyball team will come to create a phenomenon for us to see. After each person has gained experience from playing in foreign leagues It's time for everyone to join forces to make us proud again. For the colors chosen to make this year's competition uniforms, we have set 4 colors, which are the main colors that athletes and volleyball fans like, blue, red, white and black, representing soil, water, wind, fire, and are the unique colors of the Thai national team. Distinctive with graphic patterns of natural phenomena, "Mr. Thiti said.

Mr. Thiti said that in terms of the design of the Thai national volleyball team uniform, it will be a sleeveless shape that fits snugly. Get with the physique of athletes. making movements agile On the right chest is printed Grand Sport logo. The left chest is attached to the Thai flag arm with 3D Glitter technique. It is sharp, durable and beautiful. The V-neck neckline is overlaid with two-tone fabric. Color printed on both shoulders. Shirt and pants are the same color. Eco Qurad fabric, special weave, lightweight, soft, comfortable, wicks sweat well. with innovation Anti-Bacterial Reduce the accumulation and inhibit bacteria. reduce odor Makes you feel fresh throughout wearing.

“Throughout the time that Grand Sport has cooperated with the Volleyball Association. We have had conversations with the athletes from time to time, and then the Grand Sport designers have applied the information received until everyone likes it. The set for traveling or the Official Set. Grand Sport has designed these clothes for athletes to wear as well to create variety and fun in dressing for athletes as well. For this year, the Thai national women's volleyball team will have quite a lot of matches. Grand Sport would like all citizens and sports fans to help support young athletes to give them encouragement. The Thai national volleyball team has a competitive program throughout the year, ”added Thiti.

On the side of "Beam" Pimpichaya Kokram, a slapper of the Thai national team, said, "This year's shirt pattern comes in the Phenomenon theme or phenomenon. Which can see various patterns, namely lightning, storms and others on the shirt, because this year we are going to create a phenomenon, personally, I like blue. because last year there was no But this year, there is a blue back for us to wear, so I like it. Wear it and feel the fabric is very good. Light and comfortable when playing and don't have to worry that the shirt doesn't look right when wearing it. I like pants. because the fabric is very good Very good shape tightening. I would like to say to all Thai fans. This year we will return to create another phenomenon.”

As for "Mome" Thanatcha Suksod, a 23-year-old female slapper, said, "Personally, I like black the most. Because it looks strong and looks very powerful. As for the pants, they feel very firm. And when moving, when entering the field, it feels very agile. Another thing, the shirt has a pattern on the back. Which when playing, you will also see the pattern, very beautiful, now we are practicing hard. Please leave Thai brothers and sisters to help send encouragement to the Thai national women's volleyball team as well.

While "Toey" Hattaya Bamrungsuk revealed that "I like every dress for this year's competition dress. Especially the red color, it feels that when wearing it, it feels very hot and feels very powerful, and the pattern on the shirt is very bold, I would like to ask Thai volleyball fans to cheer us up a lot, the more the program This year, every event is very important, whether it's a small event or a big event. Because it affects all qualifying for the 2024 Olympic Games in France.

Finally, “Nong Paen” or “Whale” Piyanut Pannoi, libero of the Thai national team, said, “As for the white shirt, it is FIVB's rule that every team must have white color. Last year, we saw a bit of a drama that we always wear ethnic colors and always lose. I don't want everyone to think like that. I want everyone to focus more on the competition. No matter what color it is, we play hard. Please follow and encourage us. This year there are many competitions. And there is a racetrack in Thailand as well, would like to come to the stadium and cheer us a lot.”

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Source: Thai News Agency