Hero security guard catches a young cashier and steals millions from the bank

Cashier at a gas station wielding a fake gun. Hijacking millions from the bank, security guards. You can see that it's not a real gun. Attack and charge the villain, claiming to be addicted to online gambling. secretly embezzling company money So I want my money back.

On April 17 at 4:30 p.m., Muang Kalasin Police Station Received a report of a criminal using a gun of unknown size to rob a bank. in Big C department store Kalasin when the officer arrived at the scene The perpetrator was found to be a man. by a security officer and rescue workers help each other take control with the weapons used in the crime Looks like a submachine gun After checking, it was found to be a fake gun amid the panic of the public. and bank officers at the event

The perpetrator is Mr. Yothin, 25, working as a cashier at a gas station in downtown Kalasin. Initial interrogation, Mr. Yothin said that he liked to gamble online. The proceeds from the sale of oil are usually deposited into the company's bank account. But later, money will be deposited into your own account. After gambling, he lost 300,000 baht, claiming he wanted the money back to the company. short-tempered therefore ordered a fake gun for 99 baht and attacked by concealing a fake gun carried at the waist Covered with a shirt, threatening to shout "Give me 1 million, I won't do anything" before being arrested.

Mr. Mongkol Phuying, 55, a bank security officer, said that while he was performing security duties at the scene of the incident. The accused brought out a weapon and told the customer that he brought 1 million and did nothing. He therefore used his experience in controlling situations gained from skill training. and saw the appearance of the villain, who saw that it was not a real gun not scary So I decided to enter the charger. And another male customer helped to capture while the bank's employees pressed the alarm to inform 191 before the situation could be controlled

Source: Thai News Agency