If 1 million families raise cattle, the GDP will increase by 1.4%.

Bangkok: "Somsak" set up a discussion group "Raising cattle, solving debt, solving poverty" to use his free time to create money. He stated that he started raising 2 animals, after 4 years there were 10 animals worth more than 200,000. If raising 1 million families, it would create a value of more than 200 billion, increase GDP by 1.4%, and reduce Black Carbon by more than 1.7 million kilograms per year. Prepare to move forward with the law on taxation of animal sports. Bring money to use Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Deputy Prime Minister Chaired a discussion to create knowledge and understanding about raising cattle under the concept of "Raising cattle, solving debt, solving poverty, improving the quality of life of Thai farmers" with Mr. Wichai Chaimongkol, Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Benjaphon Nakprasert, Director of the Village Fund Office. and national urban communities and many participants in the discussion both in the conference room and through the online system 'Thank you to all agencies f or giving the Village Fund an opportunity. Let's understand about raising cattle. According to the Cabinet resolution that provides understanding to the public Before driving the cattle raising project across the country Through the project to promote cattle raising, he believes that it will help affect the quality of life of the people. and the country's economy Because I have to admit that People in the provinces have free time from farming 3-5 hours a day. They can use their free time to work on livestock such as cows, which have no chance of being successful. Therefore, people will not waste their energy in vain. We will bring that energy to make money and is beneficial to the family,' Mr. Somsak said. Mr. Somsak said that the promotion of cattle raising by the village fund It will start with 50,000 baht to be loaned to farmers. The interest rate is low, which will provide farmers with additional income. Because of the pilot cattle raising project in Sukhothai Province Starting with 50,000 baht to buy 2 cows. Over the past 4 years, farmers have increased to 10 cows. If the value of each cow is 25,000 baht, if there are 10 cows, it will be worth 250,000 baht. 1 million families will be worth up to 250,000 million baht. In addition to raising ordinary cows, He also promotes the development of raising cows with increased value, such as Kobe cows, Brahman cows, Tajima cows, Angus cows, as well as expanding to raising sports cows. Because ordinary cows cost 25-50,000 baht, but good-breed cows cost up to 200,000 baht each. 'Promotion of raising cows It is also supported by the government. Help create opportunities to expand the cattle export market abroad. It is done in parallel. Including if cattle raising is promoted to 1 million families, after 4 years it has been analyzed that GDP will increase by approximately 1.4%, which will help affect the country's economy as well. In addition, I also have a budget to inspect government areas in each province. 10 million baht, which will be used to help provide training in solving poverty problems. and promote careers Because of the 13 million Village Fund members, most are in debt. Therefore, I emphasize giving to the Village Fund. Think of a project to promote cattle raising careers. So that members have enough income to pay off debt,' Mr. Somsak said. Mr. Somsak said that promoting the cattle raising profession It also helps reduce the problem of Black Carbon emissions because cows will eat about 1 bale of straw per day, 15 kilograms per bale, and 1 rai of rice field will have 650 kilograms of straw. If you burn 1 kilogram of stubble and rice straw, it will produce approximately Black Carbon. 0.06 grams. If calculating the rice growing area of 44 million rai, it will release more than 29.15 million tons of Black Carbon or 29,150 million kilograms per year if changing from incineration. used to feed cows It will be able to reduce the rate of Black Carbon release by more than 1,749 tons or 1,749,000 kilograms per year. 'From now on I will promote making pedigree certifica tes for animals. To add value to animals which is an adaptation of Australia where racing horses are raised. Making the champion worth up to 10 million dollars or 350 million baht. In addition, I have also prepared a draft law to promote livestock. Because at present there is legal competition for both horses and cows, but the government does not tax the state. So I practice law. to make those money can come back to be useful to the people Because nowadays Animal sports are legal. But the government sector does not benefit, so the law must be brought in. which builds immunity and promote tourism By making it complete Because otherwise People from other provinces will be gradually left behind Ready to confirm that I don't support gambling. but supports raising animals To create income,' Mr. Somsak said.-316 Source: Thai News Agency

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