Invasion of the Election Commission of Thailand. Urgently urged to endorse MPs within 20 June.

Election Commission of Thailand, June 8-"June 24 Group" invaded the Election Commission, demanding to endorse MPs within June 20, and reject "Pita"'s petition to hold media shares in order to open the parliament to vote. prime minister

Reporters reported that at Building B, the Government Center, the June 24 Democracy Group led by Mr. Somyot Prueksakasemsuk, came to the Office of the Election Commission (ECT) to submit a letter to the Election Commission. Call for immediate confirmation of election results and an end to obstruction of democracy. by considering that The Election Commission has yet to announce the results of the election. MPs, both on a constituency basis and on a party-list basis. Currently, there are 8 political parties with a majority of 312 votes in the House of Representatives, leading the formation of the government. by offering Mr. Phitha Lim Chareonrat far-reaching party leader be prime minister

Therefore, the Election Commission has not yet confirmed the results of the election of MPs. 95 percent delayed the opening process of the House of Representatives and was unable to hold a parliamentary meeting to vote for the Prime Minister as soon as possible Causing General Prayuth Chan-ocha to maintain the government in power and allowing powers outside the democratic system and those with extra-constitutional prestige to interfere with the process of forming a new government. did not allow Mr. Phitha and the political parties who received overwhelming support from the people to form a government successfully Until the current political crisis

However, the Election Commission should hasten to consider Complaint about Mr. Phitha holding shares in ITV which may lead to disqualification as prime minister may even reach the dissolution of the Progressive Party or have to hold a fixed election And it did not affect the overwhelming popular vote from the people who voted. But the group thinks that the request should not be accepted in this case for consideration. because it is the use of constitutional provisions that are not democratic and may lead to large-scale protests

“If the Election Commission accepts the singer's case to judge It shows that the ECT has been linked to the junta since 2014 because it came from the appointment of senators who were senators from the junta. If a petition was raised to perturb Mr. Phitha not to become Prime Minister Today, he did not bring any evidence to present to the Election Commission because the society knew that ITV doesn't exist. Mr. Phitha has not held shares since the establishment of ITV media. but an inheritance and today has already been transferred to the heirs which the shareholding is a very small number of shares Can't do any commands on the TV. Complaints and complaints are taken in a way that has malicious intent and is an overthrow of democracy,” Somyot said.

Somyot said he asked the Election Commission not to delay the confirmation of the election results and asked him to announce the confirmation of more than 95 percent of the election results by June 20, 2023, or as soon as possible. to form a government and open the House of Representatives and the National Assembly to vote on the Prime Minister by day 20 In June, he will visit the ECT again to inquire about the progress of accrediting MPs. that should have been partially certified As for any area that requires a new vote count, it can continue.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency