Trees fall, blocking road on Doi Suthep stranded tourists

Chiang Mai, Big trees on the roadside. Doi Suthep National Park area toppled blocking the road Traffic must be temporarily closed. Recently moved successfully Open for normal traffic There was a big tree incident. Along Sriwichai Road Route between Wat Phra That Doi Suthep - Ban Hmong Doi Pui Doi Suthep National Park, Chiang Mai, the whole tree fell down. Even though there is no wind or rain Trees crush high-voltage power lines and communication lines. This caused both trees and electric poles to fall, blocking the road and crushing motorcycles. Lottery seller While riding past until the motorcycle crashed Luckily he was not injured. But it makes all kinds of vehicles unable to pass. Traffic must be temporarily closed. Both up and down sides As a result, tourists Many people are stuck from Doi Pui. National park officials and villagers Had to bring a chainsaw to cut branches and move trees off the road. It took about 1 hour before the path could be opened. Allow traffic to flow normally. Source: Thai News Agency

Crime Suppression Division police arrest young man for selling child clips through a secret online group.

Pathum Thani, Police from the Crime Suppression Division raided and arrested 'Mark Zemo,' a Twitter star with over half a million followers. Selling child clips through secret online groups The Police Suppression of Human Trafficking, or P.C.M., arrested Mr. Chakraphan, age 29, the accused according to an arrest warrant from the Criminal Court dated June 10, 2024, at his residence in the Rangsit area, Suan Phrik Subdistrict, Mueang District, Pathum Thani Province, for the crime of 'trafficking human beings through exploitation by Illegal from producing or distributing objects or pornographic material of children over fifteen but under eighteen years of age. As a result of the investigation team, Sub-Division 1, Human Trafficking Suppression Division. Investigations followed up on cases of crimes committed through online media in the form of prostitution of children under 18 years of age. Later, it was found that users of the The advertisement invites interested citizens to join the secret group. There is a n entrance fee of 699 baht after entering the secret group. Police investigators investigated and found a video clip showing a man and a man. There were more than 300 obscene clips. From the investigation, it was found that the male person was under 18 years of age. Therefore, evidence was collected and submitted for an arrest warrant. and the Criminal Court approved the arrest warrant dated June 10, 2024. Later, the investigative officers learned that Mr. Chakraphan was fleeing the area of ??the arrest. So he filed a request for a search warrant with the Pathum Thani Provincial Court to arrest him. after arrest Mr. Chakraphan volunteered to lead police officers to search the house. A mobile phone and a computer were found. Therefore, they seized it as a medium. and take the accused along with the seized items Send investigators to Sub-Division 1, Human Trafficking Suppression Division. Proceed further Initially, the accused confessed to all the charges, testifying that he had previously been ordained as a monk for more than 10 years. After coming out, he began producing pornographic material and distributing it since 2022 until he was arrested. It is published through the application channel X (Twitter). Currently, there are more than half a million followers. Generate income of more than 500,000 baht. Source: Thai News Agency

Police raid a major car pawn shop in the middle of Phetchaburi city.

Phetchaburi, Police raided a major car pawn shop in the middle of Phetchaburi city. More than 50 seized vehicles and more than 100 loan contracts seized. Police from the Central Investigation Bureau Bringing forces to search car storage warehouses and residences of the car pawn network at 6 locations: 1. Residence, Village No. 5, Ban Kum Subdistrict, Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi Province 2. Warehouse in an unknown plot of land, number Village No. 5, Subdistrict. .Thongchai, Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi Province 3. House, Village No. 6, Ban Kum Subdistrict, Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi Province 4. Car storage warehouse, Ban Kum Subdistrict, Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi Province 5. House, Ban Kum Subdistrict, Phetchaburi Province Mueang Phetchaburi, Phetchaburi Province and 6. Residence, Village No. 1, Pho Rai Wan Subdistrict, Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi Province. The results of the inspection found more than 50 cars and motorcycles, more than 100 p awn-related documents, 2 pistols. Cylinders that people have pawned with the network Therefore, they seized and brought those involved in for further investigation. This raid was a continuation from last February. Police investigate the cause of Mr. Khanob's disappearance. Cockfighting arena owner and found that Mr. Khanop's car It was sold to a group of people connected to a major car pawning network in Phetchaburi province. Therefore, we continued to investigate until we learned that the network would pawn cars at an interest rate of 10 percent if any debtor missed the loan. Sending interest for more than 3 months will take the pawned car and resell it. causing widespread damage Police then gathered evidence and asked for a search warrant to search the warehouse and related places to clean up. Source: Thai News Agency

CIB explains the case where the media found water pipes and oil pipes End of the Sattahip Marine Police Pier bridge

The Central Investigation Police (CIB) explains the case where the media found water pipes and oil pipes at the end of the Sattahip Marine Police pier bridge. several oil tanks and a gas station near the residence of the Sattahip Marine Police Officer. As a result of information being reported that 3 seized boats were not detected, this incident occurred on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, and was informed by the Police Station, RN 3, KG.5, RN. that officials did not detect 3 seized boats in criminal case number 102/2024 dated March 20, 2024, which later the media reported found 'Found water pipes and oil pipes at the end of the Sattahip Marine Police pier bridge. and several oil tanks and a gas station near the residence of the Sattahip Water Police Officer.' Initially, we would like to report the facts as follows. In the case of water pipes and oil pipes found at the end of the Sattahip Marine Police pier bridge. and several fuel tanks near the residence of the Sattahip Marine Police Officer. The Central Invest igation Bureau (CIB) would like to clarify the characteristics of the pipes, which are divided into 2 types: Blue plastic pipe is a water pipe. The steel pipe is an oil pipe, but the oil dispenser in the bridge area is damaged. Therefore, a method must be used to take white tanks of 1,000 and 2,000 liters (found in the area of ??the Sattahip Police Officer's house), which are tanks for holding oil, to receive the oil. Then take it to fill the boat at the pier bridge. When having to go out on a mission In the case of oil storage and oil withdrawal The Central Investigation Police (CIB) would like to clarify that the number of ships for carrying out various missions of S.R.N. 3 is 3 ships. The oil used in S.R.N. 3's missions comes from various budgets, divided into 2 forms: 1. Received as a fuel card (Feed Card): which requires a tank to be picked up from a gas station and then used to fill the boat. 2. Received as oil: It will be stored in the tank behind the Sattahip Water Police Officer's residence. And when there is a mission to add fuel to the tank, transfer it to the boat at the pier bridge. In the case of finding a pump used for pumping oil The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) would like to clarify that the pump is used to suck oil from tanks into divided tanks and to pump oil from divided tanks into ships for missions. In this case, from the inspection, the said 3 seized boats were not found. If there is further progress Will report further. Source: Thai News Agency

Drug dealer arrested, claiming to get money for his wife to give birth

Police raid and arrest a drug dealer in his bedroom along with his wife. He confesses to getting money for his wife to give birth. Get a pill for less than 10 baht. Police from Samrong Tai Police Station deployed with a search warrant. Inspected a room in the Bang Hua Suea community. Bang Ya Phraek Subdistrict, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan Province This past morning (June 15, 2024), Mr. Montree, age 36, and his wife were taken into custody for questioning after finding out that Mr. Montree was a major drug dealer in the area. A search of the room found methamphetamine separated into blue bags, 200 tablets per bag, ice in a number of divided bags. Mr. Montree confessed that he had just been released from prison. physical assault case and no work But his wife was already 3 months pregnant, so she turned to drug dealing. Hoping to save money for his wife to give birth. They bought it from a merchant in the Phra Pradaeng area for 7 baht per tablet, including 30,000 baht to buy ice, and then gave it to the teenagers for 15 baht per tablet. Police revealed that it was for Mr. Montree's wife. It was found that the financial route was related to drugs. Initially, they may also be charged with conspiring to traffic drugs. Source: Thai News Agency

Mother arrested for forcing girl to prostitute for money

The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) arrested a creditor who forced two young girls under the age of 15 into prostitution for a fee. Found many cases of online product fraud. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) by the Human Trafficking Suppression Division (CDC) detained officials. Mr. Surakiat or P'Fah, 24 years old (red hair), after police officers from Division 5, Crime Suppression Division, rescued two young girls. Victims of child prostitution, ages 15 and 13, previously investigated and found that The two children's parents separated. So he went to live with relatives in Krabi province. But during that time, a relative tried to commit an act of indecency. So he ran away from home. and went back and forth to borrow money from Mr. Surakiat in the area of ??Surat Thani Province which has the habit of granting loans via Facebook The victim must pay interest on a daily basis. And when there is no money to pay, Mr. Surakiat will Threatened and assaulted many times In the end, the two girls were forced to sell their services in order to pay interest to them, 1,500 - 2,000 baht per time, deducting a commission of 500-700 baht per time, and sometimes the debt would be completely deducted. From examining the history of Mr. Surakiat A history of extensive misconduct was also found. Has been prosecuted for online product fraud many times and appears as a dangerous person in the internet world as well Initially, Mr. Surakiarati's actions at the time he was charged with 7 charges consisted of 1. Human trafficking by procuring, buying, selling, distributing, bringing from or sending to any place. arrange for living or receive a child The aim is to exploit illegally from prostitution. It has been done to a person over fifteen years of age but under eighteen years of age. 1. It is a business to procure, lure away, or lead away any person so that that person is not yet over eighteen years of age. 3. Induce, encourage, or allow a child to behave. It is inappropriate or likely to cause the child to behave at risk of co mmitting an offense. 4. Satisfy the desires of others. It is the business of procuring, luring, or leading any person in order for that person to commit prostitution Even if that person agrees. It is committed against a person over fifteen years of age but not yet over eighteen years of age. 5. It is committed in any way by helping to facilitate or protect the prostitution of others, receiving benefits in any form from the prostitution of others. or from someone who engages in prostitution 6. dishonestly receives It is the business of procuring, luring, or taking away a person over fifteen years of age but not yet over eighteen years of age. Even if that person consents, including 7. Taking a minor over fifteen years of age but not yet over eighteen years of age away from his or her parents, guardian, or caretaker for profit or for obscene purposes. The minor was willing to go along. which is initially in the investigation The accused confessed to all charges. Source: Thai News Agency

A mischievous monkey steals a mobile phone and flees to higher ground. The owner climbed up and snatched it back.

Chachoengsao, Warning for naughty monkeys! A 17-year-old boy had his mobile phone stolen by a monkey. climb up the high roof He climbed up and snatched it back until he almost fainted. Late last night (June 14) in the multi-purpose dome area. Opposite Tha Sa-an Temple School, Village No. 5, Tha Sa-an Subdistrict, Bang Pakong District, Chachoengsao Province. The owner of the phone is Mr. Weeraphong, 17 years old, lying exhausted on the 12-meter high dome roof after climbing up and trying to take his cell phone back from him. a monkey Rescue workers climbed up to help. Then a cable car was brought in to support Mr. Wiraphong's body. come down safely before being taken to the hospital Ms. Benjawan, 41 years old, Mr. Weeraphong's mother, said that her son came to play football at the Dome with his friends. Then he put his cell phone away. Suddenly, a monkey secretly climbed down from the dome roof and snatched the cell phone and climbed away on the dome roof. The son hurriedly climbed up to snatch it back, but was unsuccessful, so he climbed down and climbed up again. When he arrived, he saw his son on the roof in an exhausted state, so he hurriedly called the front office. As for the monkey in question, he was holding his son's phone on the other side. So he told her husband to call his son's phone. Startling the monkey, he threw the phone to the ground. It was found that some parts were bitten and damaged. But what was shocking was how the son climbed up because the dome was so high. Source: Thai News Agency

The sedan lost control and crashed into another car before fleeing.

Nonthaburi, Strong through hell! The girl reported The sedan lost control and spun in the middle of the road, crashing into a car twice before fleeing. Police rushed to check CCTV footage. Follow up on the driver and prosecute. The incident occurred at 6:55 p.m. on June 14 at the foot of Phra Nang Klao Bridge on the outbound side. Heading to Bang Yai in the far right traffic lane An unknown brand sedan passed in the middle between the center lane and the far right lane. before the sedan lost control and spun until the front of the car turned in the opposite direction. The sedan then tried to drive in reverse and hit the victim's sedan. before reversing, regaining control and crashing into and pushing the victim's car again. This caused the victim to have to drive in reverse to take cover and drive to a stop at the foot of the bridge approximately 30 meters away with the emergency lights on. As for the offending vehicle, it was parked on the side of the road until at 6:58 p.m. when it made a U-turn in the mi ddle of the road and drove away, heading towards Bang Yai. police officer Bang Si Mueang Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, was notified and coordinated a forklift to bring the victims away from the scene of the incident. Inspection found a bronze Mazda 2 sedan damaged by a crash on the right front side. The front bumper is torn until it falls off. The front grille collapsed. The driver, Ms. Yui (pseudonym), 30 years old, was injured in the left shoulder and chest area. from the seat belt snap As for the other party's car, it is a sedan. The brand and registration number are unknown. After the incident, he drove away. Later, Ms. Yui, the victim, went to report the crime to investigators. Bang Si Mueang Police Station gave information that he would drive home in the Bang Bua Thong area. When reaching the foot of Phra Nang Klao Bridge He was driving in the right lane. In the middle lane there was another car driving. Then the opposing vehicle drove into the middle and picked up speed. causing his car to los e control and spin in the middle of the road until his car turned in the opposite direction Then he drove into his car and crashed into it. before backing up and driving into his car again. He was shocked and afraid so he backed up the car and ran away. Then it turned off to the left and parked on the side of the road. Because he was afraid that he would drive and hit him again. Then I didn't know which way he drove. The first time he crashed, it was like he was pretending to come down and take a look. But instead he drove his car and crashed again. The driver is thought to be a man. During the time he was overtaking, the speed was quite high until the car jerked. Now I feel a slight soreness. It is expected that tomorrow there will be more symptoms. Luckily he was wearing a seat belt. Because the second crash caused his head to shake. Initially, police are in the process of examining CCTV footage. Follow the route that the vehicle that caused the crime fled. To track down the driver and take legal action. S ource: Thai News Agency

Quickly hunt down the culprit who shot and killed the owner of a durian orchard.

Surat Thani, Police rush to hunt down brutal criminals. Holding a gun, he shot and killed a young woman who owned a durian orchard. A relative was injured by a bullet in the arm. Recently, police have identified the shooter. The incident occurred yesterday evening (June 14) at a khanam (temporary hut) in a durian orchard in the area of ??Village No. 1, Aranakamwaree Subdistrict, Khian Sa District, Surat Thani Province. Khian Sa Police Station went to the area. Inspection found the body of Ms. Piyawan, age 32, who had been shot in the head and was lying dead in the bathroom. And there was also one injured person, Mr. Chalermchai, 48 years old, the deceased's brother-in-law. Shot in the left arm injured A good citizen had been taken to the hospital earlier. deceased father Said that her daughter would come in to water the durians in the garden every day. As for Mr. Chalermchai (the injured person), his grandson-in-law will bring cows to raise nearby. garden every day as well I admit that I don't know the cau se. As for the daughter, she never argued with anyone. It is believed that the shooter may have had a problem with his grandson-in-law so he followed and shot him in the garden. The two then ran to hide in the bathroom but were followed and shot. As for the grandson-in-law, he was able to run away. So he went to ask for help from the villagers. ?The neighbor said that The deceased normally came to water the durian orchard regularly. Come in the morning, return in the evening. Never had a problem arguing with anyone. And when the incident occurred, no one saw the incident because the durian orchard was far from neighbors. It was initially reported that police already knew the shooter. Hurry to trace him and bring him to justice. Source: Thai News Agency

The back of a molasses truck overturned. Sugar littered the road, causing long traffic jams.

Saraburi, Truck full of molasses. Run down the level bridge. The last one overturned. Molasses was scattered all over the road, causing traffic jams 3-4 km long. Plows from the Department of Highways were coordinated. Hurry to collect molasses onto the roadside. Muang Saraburi Police Station received a report of a 22-wheel truck with a trailer loaded with molasses. While running down a level bridge To head to Nakhon Ratchasima Province, the baby spins away from the mother. Overturned while descending the bridge causing molasses to spread all over the road Two lanes of traffic were lost, causing vehicles heading to Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern region, to be stuck for 3-4 km. Coordinating with plow trucks from the Department of Highways. To hasten the collection of molasses onto the roadside. As for Mr. Khamtan, 64 years old, the driver revealed that he drove from the southern region to bring molasses to deliver to Wang Muang District, Saraburi Province, where he would have already arrived. While running along the road When he reached the bridge, he ran up the bridge. As he got down the bridge, his body swerved while going down the bridge and overturned. Your own car can be supported. As a result, the molasses was spread all over the road. Luckily the mother didn't fall over. He was therefore not harmed. Source: Thai News Agency