Keep an eye on government officials helping Kamnan Nok get a job at the auction.

Keep an eye on government officials taking on the work of Kamnan Nok, overseeing auctions, especially electronic auctions. There was also information that Kamnan Nok was using his influence to intimidate other buyers of envelopes into not bidding to compete with his own. It is expected that the inspection will take no less than 1 month.

A high-ranking source revealed that from the mutual support and exchange of information, the same information was obtained. There is at least 1 operational level official from the Ministry of Finance from the central government together with local officials accepting the work of Kamnan Nok. Responsible for overseeing the auction especially electronic auctions Various insider information that the treasury staff will know the procedures and channels of operation and from searching companies in Kamnan Nok's network Officers seized computers Received bidding information for various projects to inspect, which took time to inspect. both the financial path and the behavior of the network involved

There are many projects where Kamnan Nok gets work. There is information on intimidation of other envelope buyers. In order not to bid competitively, use influence, and extort, which is considered one of the 28 money laundering offenses, there is a procedure to confiscate assets for further investigation. by those involved in offenses related to bidding against government agencies, B.E. 2542, or auction houses There will be different penalties for different terms according to the contract. The maximum prison sentence is 50 years. It is expected that it will take no less than one month to investigate

Source: Thai News Agency