“Kob Suwanan” proud “Nong Nadol” won the 5th golf match trophy

makes a mother out of the most happy symptoms when "Nong Nadol", the youngest child of the senior actor "Kob-Suwanan Punnakan", performs well every round. in golf tournament

Recently, "Mother Kob" has posted a picture with her son. via instagram Ready to write a message that "The 5th golf match of Nadol #tkgtour. The course is very difficult today. The first 9 holes are okay. The last 9 holes have some cool moments. End 2nd #eboy #division2 practice. Fight. Continue with fun. Thank you Pro Fang (at FC Pluem), Uncle Khid, Aunt Mam. @pro_kead_sunshine who sent me encouragement all the time Asking for permission from a friend eboy division2 to post a picture as a souvenir.

Source: Thai News Agency

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