KTC joins hands with the Korea Tourism Promotion Organization. Travel Korea more special

Bangkok, June 8-Korea Tourism Organization together with KTC Launched the “Only in Korea, Especially for You” campaign. Travel to Korea with a new perspective. More special than ever, reflected through 3 dimensions, culture, food and healthy activities.

Mr. Lee Sang-woo, director of the Korea Tourism Organization, said that at present, the number of tourists from Thailand traveling to Korea ranks first in the Southeast region. And is ranked fifth in the world The governments of both countries have jointly set a goal for the year 2023 and 2024 to be the period of the Korea - Thailand Visit Year to encourage Koreans and Thais to travel more between the two countries. Starting with the Thailand – Korea Tourism Forum, which will be held in Korea on June 27, 2023, and in Bangkok under the name "Korea Everywhere", scheduled to be held in September. And there are plans to organize activities in Chiang Mai and Phuket as well. Collaborating with KTC, launching the “Only in Korea, Especially for You” campaign this time, will give tourists an opportunity to experience Korea tourism in a more superior way.

Ms. Arinchaya Lertwattanachai Marketing Manager The Korea Tourism Organization said that for the year 2023 – 2024, the Korean government has announced that it is the year of Korean tourism. The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) offers a variety of activities including travel packages. and sales promotion campaigns using the culture of K – Culture as the core of stimulating tourists. For this year, we have offered a premium travel experience in a different perspective. Focus on marketing that meets the needs of tourists who want to be more exclusive, reflected through 3 dimensions, consisting of culture, food and healthy activities.

“Culture” Korea is a country with a long history and culture such as music, dance, drama, and literature. Experience deep local culture, such as the Secret Garden at Changdeokgung Palace. or watching the autumn leaves during Korea's finest time Follow in the footsteps of Korean restaurants with Michelin star-level deliciousness. Taste the authentic premium Korean food. In addition, you can experience and learn Korean culture through "Healthy activities" such as experience skin care. with legendary herbal ingredients such as ginseng,” Ms. Arinchaya said.

Ms. Pattira Anan Chotiphat, executive of KTC World Travel Service and travel marketing in the airline category, said that Korea is unique in terms of culture, food, and tourist attractions that stand out in each season. able to attract tourists throughout the year Together with the strength of Soft Power through works of art, music, series, it also stimulates the desire to travel to Korea more. KTC recognizes the importance of working with all sectors in the tourism industry. Especially with the Korea Tourism Organization. and travel partners to provide benefits to card members Got to travel to Korea worthwhile During January to May of this year compared to the same period in 2019 (during the COVID-19 crisis), there was a 19% increase in the number of card swipes in Korea and a 16% increase in spending per member. % while KTC World Travel Service saw a 13% increase in spending on Korea routes. Plan more trips to Korea. With benefits from leading airline partners including Asiana Airlines, Korean Air and Thai Airways

However, special packages by booking through the airline website, such as a 1,500 baht discount from Asiana Airlines / 10% discount from Korean Air / or when booking through KTC World Travel Service receive a discount on a plane ticket All 3 routes in Korea, up to 3,000 baht / get an additional 500 ROP miles with Thai Airways and extra baggage with Korean Air and an independent travel package with Lotte Hotel & Resort 3 days 2 nights, including tickets to Lotte Amusement Park. World for 2 people at a special price with a discount of 1,000 baht / a package to travel to Korea with a new perspective, exclusive for 5 days and 3 nights, departing during the most beautiful period of Korea in November, only 79,900 baht / installment privilege Get 0% for 6 months

In addition, KTC credit card members have a chance to win 5 pairs of lucky winners who travel for 5 days and 3 nights “Only In Korea, Especially for You”, experiencing Korea in different ways, totaling 5 prizes, 2 prizes each, worth more than 800,000. baht only with the highest spending via the card at participating merchants such as KTC World Travel Service, leading shopping centers and duty free from July 1, 2023 - August 31, 2023, campaign period “Only in Korea, Especially. for You” from June 8, 2023 – December 15, 2023, can learn more details and activities of the campaign. at www.ktc.co.th/VisitKorea2023 ”

Mr. Peerapat Deesathitkul from the Jasonland Dan Kimchi page said that Thai people's tourism in Korea has changed quite a bit from before the COVID-19 outbreak. More and more tourists turn to travel by themselves. And focusing on tourism that goes deeper to absorb more of Korea Whether it's a cultural village or the local market, which is very popular with tourists Including gaining experience in taking care of the science of beauty wisdom From top-notch cosmetics with ingredients from legendary herbs such as ginseng, it is another popular among tourists.

However, ask for more information at KTC World Travel Service, call 02 123 5050 or visit the website www.ktcworld.co.th. Apply for a credit card at any KTC TOUCH member service center nationwide. or click the link http://bit.ly/apply-ktc .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency