Looking at Cabinet adjustments, it will probably be after budget 2024 is used.

Centara Grand at Central Plaza Hotel, "Bhoomtham" emphasizes that there is no trend of adjustments. The Cabinet sees that if the adjustments remain constant after using the budget of 67 baht, the Prime Minister will gradually evaluate the work. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Gave an interview about the current news about the Cabinet (Cabinet) reshuffle saying, 'Who will adjust? Has the media adjusted or not?' and jokingly said, As for him, he won't go. I want to be at the Ministry of Commerce However, it is up to Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. 'If you think that management is appropriate I have the right to do it. But today, from what I heard from the Prime Minister, I was relieved and all the ministers worked very hard. I hope it hasn't been adjusted yet. After the 2024 budget is released, it will be clear because in the past 6 months the government has not done much work on investment. But on basic matters, the government has already done a lot,' Mr. Phumtham said. Mr. Phumtham said that as Chairman of the Budget Committee This year, the budget will be released faster than expected, at least 15 days, from the original schedule in May and April. When you get money to work, it will be better. After that, if you have already received the money Who is not working well? It is up to the Prime Minister to evaluate and adjust. When asked repeatedly, Is the chair still strong or not? Mr. Phumtham smiled and stated that he did not know whether he was strong or not. Because he is not the person who adjusts the Cabinet and emphasizes that it is the same for every ministry that intends to do its job well. If you don't want to be affected Because of being chosen to be a minister Because I chose to come to work. Therefore, if you work, nothing will be a problem. As for the news, there will be a Cabinet reshuffle. In the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Mr. Phumtham emphasized that he had never really heard about the Cabinet reshuffle, despit e being one of the people close to the Prime Minister. and with many others I've heard that helping each other does a good job. which you will appreciate and emphasize that if we speak now, everything will still be the same. But I'm talking about another episode. I don't know, but the Prime Minister.-316 Source: Thai News Agency

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