Manchester City wins FA Cup for the seventh time

England, June 4 – Manchester City won the 7th FA Cup, beat Manchester United 2-1 and still have a chance to make a triple championship.

England Football FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium Last night, Manchester City, a six-time champion in blue, met Manchester United, a 12-time champion. The opening game came just 13 seconds into the "blue sailboat" who got a 1-0 lead from Il. Kai Gundogan, but in the 33rd minute, the Red Devils received a penalty from the moment Aaron Wan-Bissaka headed the ball into Jack Grealish's hand before Bruno Fernandes gave the team an equalizer. 1-1 in the first half

Second half, in the 51st minute, Gundogan scored a free-kick formula for Manchester City. led again at 2-1 and was the winning goal for the team to beat Manchester United 2-1 to win the FA Cup for the 7th time and still have a chance to win a triple championship. Which will play the final game of the UEFA Champions League against Inter Milan on Saturday, June 10th.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency