“Mermaid-Shark” Singha Swimming Club Won the best club award Closing of the PTT swimming championship. Bangkok Region

Thailand Swimming Championships Bangkok Region, year 2023, PTT Thailand Swimming Championships 2023 at the 50 meter swimming pool, Prachaniwet Sports Center, Bangkok. The competition results showed that Shark-Mermaid From Singha Swimming Club Create excellent work and win gold medals and total points cup "Singha Swimming Club" successfully won again.

Led by "Nong Gramma" Phuritchaya Chanyamitri, an 18-year-old female mermaid from the national team won 5 gold medals, scoring a total of 82 points, the same as the 13-year-old group, Miss Pacharaphan Waiwajee. Helping the team score 82 points and Miss Warisara Nopthong 80 points, while in the 9-year-old group, Miss Jidapa Rattanapian scored 44 points and Mr. Kawintat Rattanaphong 20 points.

Make the Singha Swimming Club Grabbed the highest overall score, 1st place with a performance of 690 points and received the Best Club Award. The 2nd place belongs to the Prachaniwet Sports Center with 606 points and the 3rd place belongs to the Royal Thai Navy Welfare Department with 546 points. The 4th place Bangkok Swim Academy scores 470 points, and the 5th place. Wellington College scored 366 points, 6th place Vision Swimming scored 342 points, 7th place Bangkok Sports School scored 278 points, 8th place Mind House Swimming Club scored 266 points. , 9th place Benjarong scored 271 points, 10th place Mahidol University scored 215 points

Source: Thai News Agency

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