Nepali climber sets record for 28th summit of Mount Everest

Rita Kami Sherpa, a guide, a Sherpa Nepalese who guides the summit of Mount Everest. Conquer Mount Everest again today It was the 28th time, a record after a Sherpa joining a navigator had equaled his previous record of 27 times reaching the highest peak in the world.

Seven Summit Treks, the agency that manages Mount Everest, said Kami Rita Sherpa reached Mount Everest for the second time today. And it was his 28th. Just one day earlier, 46-year-old Sherpa guide Pasang Dawa Sherpa had just set the record for the highest summit of Mount Everest. 8,849 meters, the 27th time, equal to Kami Sherpa. The two have conquered Everest twice in this year's mountaineering season. For more than two decades, and nicknamed "The Everest Man" or "Everest Man", he began to conquer Everest for the first time in 1994 and then he climbed almost every mountain. year Many times he has been the team leader installing the ropes to open the route for conquering the world's tallest peaks.

Naples is home to ten of the world's highest peaks, including the 8,849-metre Mount Everest, the world's tallest, and is visited by hundreds of adventurers each year. to conquer the highest peak in the world.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency