Point out that “Pheu Thai” is suitable for the chairmanship of the council

Pheu Thai Party, May 24-"Adisorn" points out that Pheu Thai is more suitable for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives, pointing out that if you want to sit in every position, you must get 377 votes, just like during the Thai Rak Thai era, saying that "Piyabutr" will not be able to take all positions.

Mr. Adisorn Phiangket, the party-list MP of the Pheu Thai Party, said after Mr. Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, the leader of the Progressive Party. Post a message specifying that the Speaker of the House of Representatives must be a position of the Progressive Party that respects Mr. Piyabutr. Everything, every position, you will eat and collect. By understanding that he has a majority voice, in fact, 152 voices are still not more than half of the voices If you want to get every position, you must do it like the Thai Rak Thai Party, 377 votes that will lead to life and death. The Pheu Thai Party is willing to support Mr. Phitha. Lim Chareonrat be prime minister This is a democratic tradition. But when the party advances Having become the executive branch, will not allow other parties to hold legislative positions. because the legislature must look at the appropriateness of each period, for example, sometimes Mr. Chuan Leekpai, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, has a voice Only 60 votes can still hold office, or in the case of Mr. Uthai Pimjaichon, who has only 3 votes, can still be the chairman of the council. with a pound-for-pound suitability Personnel of both parties, he thought that personnel of the Pheu Thai Party would be appropriate. in the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives more than Ready to confirm that the news that has been released is not a fight against each other, both the Kao Klai Party and the Pheu Thai Party are both democratic parties. He therefore thought that he should vote for this position in the council.

When asked whether Mr. Piyabutr You may disagree about the MOU that has not been amended to Section 112. And want the position of chairman of the council to push for this law amendment. Mr. Adisorn stated that he thought that Mr. Piyabutr should go and talk in the far-reaching party Because in the campaign of the Progressive Party, there was an introduction to the amendment of Section 112. campaign until victory Therefore, they are worried that the supporters of the people will see whether the fight is a lie or not. therefore worried about the image of the far-flung It's not a government yet so it's already doing this.

Mr. Adisorn also told Mr. Piyabutr that now it is a technological society. Legislation to enter the House of Representatives The president of the council cannot be arbitrary. must comply with regulations must comply with regulations If it's a government, don't worry about small things. “He would like to teach me as Mr. Piyabutr is a junior. Let me touch your hand, sister. Didn't take a position, didn't fall and die from ".-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency


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