Prepare to issue regulations to control the transfer of child sexual abuse information.

Bangkok, Deputy Police Commander responds to Interpol's announcement of regulations to be careful about the transfer of child sexual abuse information. After finding statistics about children being repeatedly abused on social media It creates emotional scars even if the victim is an adult. But the memory images remain in the system and are difficult to delete.

The scene has closed for The International Police General Assembly (INTERPOL) started on 28 November in Austria, with more than 195 member countries and one more recently joining. Attended the meeting ready to listen to reports on past operations of the Interpol (INTERPOL), especially on the issue of using the budget received from the support of the group of countries, more than 8000 million baht per year, to deal with transnational crime problems.

In addition to listening to the results of operations throughout the year, the meeting also proposed plans to work together in the following year in each area. especially the preparation of information on transnational criminals Currently, it is found that the format has changed. according to modern society This allows crimes to be committed quickly and information transmitted digitally. causing widespread damage While the perpetrator There is a way to flee the country after committing a crime. or go into hiding in neighboring countries To contact the network group

Recently, a short video clip was presented that was distributed in Germany and concealed from access in Thailand. The clip shows the gang's human trafficking behavior. Although in this case the culprit was arrested But one part of the video clip clearly states that The criminals agreed to pay kickbacks to civil servants to provide a way to escape from Thailand. to the destination country which is the source of refuge

The meeting also Proposes to issue regulations to control the transmission of child sexual abuse information through various channels, especially social media. In order to be strict and prevent information from leaking out of the system to other users. Including the use of international data to track down criminals. Prevent duplicate actions in network formats

which this matter Police General Surachet Said at the meeting that he agreed with the guidelines for dealing with the problem of sexual harassment among youth. which has been found to have become many times more severe in the past Especially children in the Asian group will fall into the target of the criminal group including sexual harassment Filming obscene video clips and luring the king into prostitution

The Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police also emphasized that Video clips of the offense were quickly shared on social media. until it is difficult to delete it from the system causing the victim to be repeatedly indecently abused Even if you grow up to be an adult Images of the abuse are still embedded in the system. And quite a bit of information was passed on by government officials who were not careful in using the information. This causes information from government agencies to fall into the hands of criminal groups.

therefore agree to issue regulations for every country Let's come together to carefully manage the problem of passing on information about victims of sexual abuse. and open access to information in new ways which is not forwarding the original pornographic video clip into the system

It also calls for the accused's country of origin and neighboring countries. Work together to create guidelines to prevent the escape of criminals from the destination country. By acting quickly especially the forwarding of arrest warrant information Property path including network groups So that groups of criminals can't gather together. and committed obscene acts over and over again Until it is difficult to solve this problem completely.

This is the result of the rapid and timely transfer of information over the past three years. by the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Thailand's Royal Thai Police (Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children (TICAC), which has signed an information sharing agreement to combat child exploitation. causing Thai officials Quick access to NCMEC reports on child exploitation cases.

And although TICAC currently receives information from NCMEC through the Thai office of Homeland Security Investigations, The US Department of Homeland Security has direct access to information that allows TICAC to act quickly in emergencies and directly access intelligence on crimes, such as combating child exploitation.

And this gives statistics for solving problems in Thailand. Improved sequentially, it was found that in 2021 there were arrest statistics from 79 cases, which were expanded to 589 related linked data. Until the Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police came in to solve the problem, it was found that in 2021 2022 saw an increase of 482 arrests, expanding to 9569 relevant links, while in 2023, there were 461 arrests to date, expanding to 8328 relevant links. Resulting in nearly 600000 clips appearing in the system reduced to only 332639 clips in the current year.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jürgen Stock, Secretary-General of Interpol, said he would like to thank all 196 member countries for their cooperation in monitoring and evaluating the management of Interpol, which this year has made a leap forward in operations. action Seeking mutual cooperation And it is believed that next year it will be even more successful. Next year the meeting location will be moved to Scotland for the 93rd time or the 101st year of the founding of Interpol.

Source: Thai News Agency

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